[PARTS] Fostech Echo Sport Binary Trigger Tuning Kit – $34.99

[PARTS] Fostech Echo Sport Binary Trigger Tuning Kit – $34.99


[PARTS] Fostech Echo Sport Binary Trigger Tuning Kit – $34.99

9 reviews for [PARTS] Fostech Echo Sport Binary Trigger Tuning Kit – $34.99

  1. freeofexpression

    Use code “Militia20” at checkout for 20% off your purchase. Can any prior customers post about their past purchases to verify us ?

    Also, there is someone who saw us as a competitor and had been leaving fake bad reviews. Their account is no longer active and we are working with reddit to solve the issue.

    Thanks. Looking forward to feedback on the kit.

  2. fstopbob

    No tax cheap shipping and Apple Pay. Thank you.

  3. DIYexplore

    Just picked a kit up, didn’t know anyone made a tuning kit and especially for this price. I’m super excited because my echo sport trigger wasn’t quite what I was expecting and I’m hoping this will let me get it where I’d like it!

  4. Backwoods406

    I installed this and I can say the trigger is WAY BETTER. the Echo is kinda heavy/sad stock and this makes it short,sweet, and light.

    10/10 would install again.

  5. Havokk

    Will this work on a fostech echo ar-II

    Edit: nm. Found
    the kit for echo ii. https://www.militiastatearmory.com/store/p12473/TuningKit.html#/

    Remember to use the coupon code from freeofexpression

  6. Severe-Expression

    Do you have any springs or kits that are compatible with the Echo AK trigger?

  7. rposty23

    I got this part early and it’s a great improvement. They underpromise and over deliver. Fires fast and smooth

  8. Dyerssorrow

    so after spending 300 for a trigger you have to spend more to enhance it….?

  9. almostaverageplayer

    >> We’re giving you 3 springs for the price of one!

    At $35, I think that’s the cost of 50 springs.

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