[PARTS] FCD EPC (black, twin dimple) $47.50+s&h

[PARTS] FCD EPC (black, twin dimple) $47.50+s&h


[PARTS] FCD EPC (black, twin dimple) $47.50+s&h

34 reviews for [PARTS] FCD EPC (black, twin dimple) $47.50+s&h

  1. Dondeestaleche

    Hopefully the people who purchased actually install and use them and not just post on gafs for 100+

  2. Unusual_Creature

    I could’ve bought this. I didn’t, but I was there in time.

  3. BuddingCannibal

    I don’t fully understand why, but it felt really good to almost finalize my order and then be like “nah… I’ll put this back on the shelf”

  4. flaccidkac

    Flex on the poors while simultaneously revealing your IQ.

  5. bidaaa

    I’m sure plenty of people are gonna say “this is a waste of money” or what not. Honestly, spend your money how you want. I’m literally just posting to make people aware

  6. shoshothejojo

    Someone with actual skill needs to make an OOS bot, so we can see the stuff that goes OOS the quickest, like tracking a top ten

  7. FabulousGunslinger


  8. uhkayus

    Isn’t V7 the OEM manufacturer for FCD?

  9. B-rex00

    I’ve been looking for one of these for awhile. Thanks

  10. Nj2k_

    Holy fuck, been looking for one for months and finally snagged one

  11. BloodyRimhole

    Got one, thanks OP

  12. jaykaypeeness

    FCD seems to make some quality stuff. The description to justify why they threw their hat into the game for this one seems like a stretch.

  13. Action3xpress

    2 left boys!

  14. Way_2_Go_Donny

    These will be on GAFS next week for $100.

  15. Master_dekoy


    Seriously I want to understand

  16. TripExtension1131

    Fanboy product. FCD makes some awesome products, but this is just a way to make you wallet smaller. Mil spec port cover does its job 100% and it’s 1/10th the price

  17. M11Nine

    Dang missed it

  18. 2ndammend

    Oh so that’s the real price… gotcha

  19. Nosferatu2113

    I remember back in econ being like, nawwww, people aren’t *that* stupid…

  20. Pewpewpew05

    I’ve bought a lot of dumb shit in my day. Even I wouldn’t pay for this Gucci dust cover.

  21. TheRageDread

    Anyone who bought one of these is laughable

    Glad I let all you guys have a chance at these

  22. Oberon415

    Never understood the attraction of these dust covers, what’s so special?

  23. Lateralis333

    I don’t get it??

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  25. NotoriousDVA


  26. crogers528

    9 minutes late like always… maybe one day

  27. opecity_

    Damn i missed out at 7min after posting!

  28. variatus


  29. BambooFarmer

    Wtf… that was quick.

  30. -leadStandard-

    I’ve had v7 ones for years. Very high quality. How do these compare?

  31. RogueScallop

    Will this fit a slick side upper?

  32. onyourleftbro

    I’m never gonna find one of these 🤦‍♂️

  33. bidaaa

    Bot OOS

  34. TheRenownWolf

    Cart sniped fuck

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