[Parts] Faxon 11.5 Gunner $137.95 plus tax/ship

[Parts] Faxon 11.5 Gunner $137.95 plus tax/ship


[Parts] Faxon 11.5 Gunner $137.95 plus tax/ship

5 reviews for [Parts] Faxon 11.5 Gunner $137.95 plus tax/ship

  1. realJaneGoodall

    does anyone have any honest to god experience with a mid-length 11.5? i always see a lot of theory about them in the comments, but never hear from anyone who’s actually ran them. do they run steel? is suppressed the meta? should you even buy this if you don’t run suppressed? much to learn

  2. 3_quarterling_rogue

    So, somebody please tell me what happens when you use a mid-length gas system on an 11.5” barrel, compared to say, a carbine length 10.5. Pros/cons?

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  4. derfdog

    Read the banner on the website for shipping delay

    Free ship over $150

  5. renegadeGDI

    Man I wanted this until I read a review saying that the SA bleed off gas block can’t reach its full range due to the gas block being so close to the suppressor…

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