[PARTS] FarrowTech CP33 Telescoping Brace Adapter, $20 off – $155 Shipped + Other Items on Sale

[PARTS] FarrowTech CP33 Telescoping Brace Adapter, $20 off – $155 Shipped + Other Items on Sale


[PARTS] FarrowTech CP33 Telescoping Brace Adapter, $20 off – $155 Shipped + Other Items on Sale

16 reviews for [PARTS] FarrowTech CP33 Telescoping Brace Adapter, $20 off – $155 Shipped + Other Items on Sale

  1. Deep__Thought

    Ive had mine on my CP33 for a few months. The little rubber tabs keep falling out of the cf rods, but that doesnt impact function, im just a gorilla.

    The tightening screws to the sling clips didnt get it as tight as i wanted, so i ran some superglue/epoxy over them and now its rock solid. Completely changes the way the gun runs.

    You will need a riser for any red dot youre running. I bought a cheap $30 UTG riser from amazon. Its lightweight, holds my Venom in place and most importantly, its cheap. Its really easy to have scope creep on this gun when you add a red dot, mount, suppressor (#1 best upgrade), extended mag, brace, QD sling mount so staying sane with your cost points is a must.

    Mine runs 100% with CCI standards and Subsonic (NOT Quiets) and high velocity loads. Its easily my favorite gun. I take it to the range every time and it is my go to hiking/farm gun just because its fun and really lightweight. Primary use is popping steel at 50, 100y (10” gong) and blasting trees etc in the woods.

    This turned into more a review of the gun than the brace, but heres a recommendation **buy this brace now, on sale, then find a CP33 if you dont already have one**


  2. ICanMakeWaffles

    Good seller. I’ve had the telescoping brace with the Aluminum SteadyBrace (which honestly feels really nice as a brace) and has held up well during my basement LARP sessions.

  3. Vice_Admiral_Crunch

    Why do I not hate this. Looks like an MP7

  4. Flood_

    **All items are in stock and ship the same or next day**

    Sale items:

    * [CP33 Telescoping Brace Adapter](https://farrow.tech/keltec-cp33-telescoping-brace-adapter/) $20 off, $155 shipped

    * [Photon Flash Hider/Thread Adapter](https://farrow.tech/photon-fh/) $20 off, $65 shipped

    * [ZenitCo PT-1 Brace Adapter](https://farrow.tech/zenitco-pt-1-brace-adapter/) $10 off, $55 shipped

    * [Extar EP9 Buffer Tube Adapter](https://farrow.tech/extar-ep9-buffer-tube-adapter/), $10 off, $75 shipped

    * [Ruger 10/22 Charger Picatinny Adapter](https://farrow.tech/ruger-22-charger-side-folding-brace-adapter/) $5 off, $50 shipped

    * [Ruger 10/22 Buffer Tube Adapater](https://farrow.tech/collections/pistol-brace-adapters/products/ruger-10-22-charger-buffer-tube-adapter/) $5 off, $40 shipped

    Prices are good through the 31st, or until we run out of inventory.

    All items have a lifetime warranty.

  5. Equivalent_Memory3

    Got one of these a few years back and can’t recommend it enough. Great fun to shoot braced.

  6. StubbyCalvin

    Have this brace setup, can’t reccomend it enough. Great quality and a great manufacturer.

  7. Thepoogenie

    Cheek pistols are lame, this is where it’s at. I love mine

  8. 762mmFMJLobotomy

    At first I read this as telescoping barrel and almost shit myself.

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  10. -ordinary

    What is the gun?

  11. bananahammockx

    Man, i just bought one of these for full price! Oh well. I messed up my original order and Farrow got me squared away immediately, awesome company.

  12. DJ-Clumsy

    Uzi at home

  13. Yams_What_I_Am

    Which tail hook is most popular or comfortable or tactical lol or whatever is most important

  14. TransAm77

    Well there goes $700. I couldn’t resist this deal so I bought it (and the foregrip), then searched around for the cheapest CP33 and found one for $435 at TSS Warehouse.

  15. BeterBiperBeppers

    Why/how is this so cheap?
    Edit: I’m dumb

  16. TheStig111

    I love the notion that someone who buys a CP33 also would put a Steiner DBAL, Trijicon RMR, and a Scalerworks mount on it. Lol, right.

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