[Parts] Emissary – Handbrake M-LOK *FDE & ODG* (in stock) $40 + free shipping

[Parts] Emissary – Handbrake M-LOK *FDE & ODG* (in stock) $40 + free shipping


[Parts] Emissary – Handbrake M-LOK *FDE & ODG* (in stock) $40 + free shipping

10 reviews for [Parts] Emissary – Handbrake M-LOK *FDE & ODG* (in stock) $40 + free shipping

  1. sub2kthrowaway

    These things have just taken over it appears. I bought two today.

  2. WiseDirt

    If you’re looking for black specifically, Alpine Rifle Supply has a few in stock for $35 + $5 shipping.


  3. LaRoux4

    Thanks! Able to snag 2 FDE versions finally.

  4. GroovyGanj

    Ballistic advantage does a crossover with emissary to make these so if you’d rather the BA stamp I think black and ODG are in stock 40 shipped

  5. JunkyardOps

    We still have some Black and FDE in stock if anyone needs.



    Junkyard Ops

  6. Dangerfloof_ATC

    I really like these things and have them on all my rifles right now. I remember posting this a few months ago during the last in stock for ODG and getting downvoted into oblivion.

  7. ZookeepergameFit6680

    In for one fde, can’t wait to give it a shot. Heard good things.

  8. RiderQuetzalcoatl

    Do you like the BCM vertical grip?

    Well, this is basically a BCM that’s a fraction smaller, probably won’t land you in court in a ban state, and you can’t reverse.

    It’s a good grip.

  9. Gingercopia

    No coupons or sales on hand I’m aware of. Just an in stock notification.

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