[PARTS] E2 Armory Lower Receiver $52.80

[PARTS] E2 Armory Lower Receiver $52.80


[PARTS] E2 Armory Lower Receiver $52.80

6 reviews for [PARTS] E2 Armory Lower Receiver $52.80

  1. ShadeTreeWrench

    Last time I ordered I had issues with shipping because they put my info on the cover sheet of the shipping slip. UPS delivered it to my house instead of my FFL. I had to take it to my FFL to complete the paperwork.

  2. lowb_da9

    Pair this with their $64 BCG, and you have a real cheap unknown quality build coming together 🤣

  3. [deleted]


  4. Sh00tYourEyeOut

    Does anyone know what mil-spec forgings cost when purchased in large quantities?

  5. kzrpdb

    How do these compare to Aero or pony lowers?

  6. Step8_freedom

    Still in stock if anyone was wondering. Just picked up one.

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