[Parts] – DS Arms AR15 M16 A4 20″ 5.56x45mm Service Series Upper Receiver Assembly – $619.95

[Parts] – DS Arms AR15 M16 A4 20″ 5.56x45mm Service Series Upper Receiver Assembly – $619.95


[Parts] – DS Arms AR15 M16 A4 20″ 5.56x45mm Service Series Upper Receiver Assembly – $619.95

12 reviews for [Parts] – DS Arms AR15 M16 A4 20″ 5.56x45mm Service Series Upper Receiver Assembly – $619.95

  1. duckbombz

    I sent it. Ive been waiting on a decent 20″ upper for a while, and FN doesnt seem like theyre going to restock anytime soon. This has all the bells
    and whistles, plus the Matech sights.

    Ill throw an ACOG on it next year.

  2. meowm35

    This good shit?

  3. Disposable-01

    > Upper half assembled as shown, no bolt, no carrier or charging handle included.

    Aero Precision could learn from these guys…

  4. Weekly_Okra3859

    Okay for my next purchase (after the holiday debt clears) I’m looking at either this or ds arms mk18 style upper , which should I go for first and why?

  5. Shadaar1

    Got the email earlier and sent it immediately. Been wanting this setup for years and sadly missed out on the FN NOS uppers back when they were available. I’m excited to finally get it. Can’t find the rail new anywhere else so I’m happy with this price and chance.

  6. cdillon42

    I take it the handguard isn’t free float?

  7. Yoopew

    I ordered a FN barreled PSA kit, should I cancel and just do this and source the other stuff elsewhere?

  8. rtscaptain_RDDTW

    I spent this whole week looking for a decent deal on the rail kit without it luck. Guess I’ll just buy the whole upper!

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  10. wowthatsucked

    I was just pondering these.

    This or the FN barrel variant for $369.95, get the Matech for $100 and a M5 RAS handguard somewhere else?


    Alternatively, what would going for the full FN get you over this other than the KAC broomhandle? Just the FN name and marked lower? https://fnamerica.com/products/rifles/fn-15-military-collector-m16/

    Forgot the ambi safety, some more panels and the mag.

    I’ve seen them drop down to $1500.

  11. stumpy1218

    Should I? I’m in credit card debt but counterpoint to that: I want it and I’ve really been wanting an a4 clone and I already have an acog

  12. iLuvstockglocksights


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