[Parts] Dead Air KeyMount for Omega/Nomad/YHM & others, $152 + $9 flat-rate shipping

[Parts] Dead Air KeyMount for Omega/Nomad/YHM & others, $152 + $9 flat-rate shipping


[Parts] Dead Air KeyMount for Omega/Nomad/YHM & others, $152 + $9 flat-rate shipping

22 reviews for [Parts] Dead Air KeyMount for Omega/Nomad/YHM & others, $152 + $9 flat-rate shipping

  1. Ricerooni

    Remember earlier this year when people would scramble to buy these up for $250? I do. Good thing DA found a solution to the dry spell.

  2. all_the_right_moves

    I bought it from them three days and ten dollars ago, figure instead of being salty about it I’ll pass the savings on to my favorite sub

  3. Beastmon142

    Got mine from Lanbo’s for $148 back in July. This is BIN boys

  4. cellularresp

    as much as I like the xeno system, KeyMo is superior. And this is a really good price

    Keymo is quickly becoming the “m-lok” of the qd world.

  5. Surprise_Thumb

    So, to clarify this will allow my YHM turbo T2 to adapt to keymo brakes?

  6. darwintrials

    Thanks OP. This is a good deal

  7. Vinsight_

    Dam, das pretty gud

  8. Scalce

    I was one of the dummies who paid over $200 for one of these earlier in the year while preparing for my can to be modified by Ecco.

    In proper gundeals fashion, I bought this one yesterday to balance out the costs. 😜

    I am going to try this mount out with the JMAC blast shield because the KeyMo micro brakes shake your fillings loose.

  9. ThorryThori

    Ive got a sandman-s waiting at the dealer. Other than purchasing it I have 0 experience with suppressors. Im planning to use it on my zas m70 and AR15s. Which ones do I need?

  10. Spawn_Beacon

    PLERN Bee is just ers gerd

  11. DerisiveGibe

    I bought 2 lcp max 12 rd mags from them good price, but they took a month to ship. They are good to go, just keep that in mind if you need it soonish

  12. GrimDarkGunner

    Thanks OP. Don’t need additional for a number of months, but this is definitely BIN. So I did.

  13. gebsmith

    Be prepared to wait. Dack sits on your money for 30 days and then sometimes needs you to remind them to submit the order to the fulfillment company because your order “fell through the cracks.”

  14. winfster96

    You will get what you ordered but be prepared to wait literally 30 days before they drop ship it. Lanbo’s also drop-ships a lot of their stuff but they almost always ship same or next day.

  15. Mrbeercan

    Get this if you have a YHM can or plan on getting one, their phantom QD system is pretty crappy if you switch cans to different hosts a lot like I do. This is a tremendously better mounting system.

  16. grit_in_the_nips

    BIN price

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  18. ArmchairStrategist

    Thanks OP. Snagged another for my TK that should be out any freaking week

  19. thatshiftyshadow

    If it was anybody but Dack, id almost trust ar15ss more than them

  20. FlawlessCowboy

    Damn I haven’t even finished one F1 can and I feel compelled to buy this because it’s like 70 bucks cheaper.

  21. akmjolnir

    Thanks for sharing, OP.

    I have zero use for this, but hope it serves as the inspiration for a can or two.

  22. 7nationpotty

    Anyone know if this comes with the yhm turbo k suppressor? Or is it a necessary additional purchase?

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