[Parts] Dead Air Ghost 3 Lug $115 + Free Shipping using code DA3LUG (More in comments)

[Parts] Dead Air Ghost 3 Lug $115 + Free Shipping using code DA3LUG (More in comments)


[Parts] Dead Air Ghost 3 Lug $115 + Free Shipping using code DA3LUG (More in comments)

4 reviews for [Parts] Dead Air Ghost 3 Lug $115 + Free Shipping using code DA3LUG (More in comments)

  1. FiddlersDefense

    Hey everyone!

    We’ve got commitment for a lot of these. So we’re offering a discount w/free shipping.

    Edit: Shipping is free even if you add more parts to the order. As long as the 3 Lug is in the cart you get free shipping with the code!

    Quick Links Other Stock:

    All BA Barrels marked down plus an additional $30 with code Ballistic30.

    BA barrels in stock:

    [BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE HANSON PROFILE BARREL 5.56 NATO 10.3″ BARREL W/LPGB](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/ballistic-advantage-hanson-profile-barrel-5-56-nato-10-3-barrel-w-lpgb/) – $159.75 + S/H

    [BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE HANSON PROFILE BARREL 556 NATO 12.3″ W/LPGB](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/ballistic-advantage-hanson-profile-barrel-556-nato-12-3-w-lpgb/) – $159.50 + S/H

    [BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE MODERN 16″ M4 BARREL 556 NATO](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/ballistic-advantage-modern-16-m4-barrel-556-nato/) – $112 + S/H

    [BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE MODERN BARREL 556 NATO 16″ BARREL GOV PROFILE](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/ballistic-advantage-modern-barrel-556-nato-16-barrel-gov-profile/) – $116.75 + S/H

    [BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE MODERN SERIES 300 BLACKOUT 10″ BARREL](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/ballistic-advantage-modern-series-300-blackout-10-barrel/) – $116.75 + S/H

    Seekins Barrels:

    [SEEKINS PRECISION 300 BLACKOUT 10.5″ BARREL](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/seekins-precision-300-blackout-10-5-barrel/) – $256.55 + S/H

    CMMG Conversion Kits have free shipping with code CMMGSHIP:

    [CMMG CONVERSION KIT BRAVO 22LR-(3) 10 RD MAGS](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/cmmg-conversion-kit-bravo-22lr-3-10-rd-mags/)

    [CMMG CONVERSION KIT BRAVO 22LR-(3) 25 RD MAGS](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/cmmg-conversion-kit-bravo-22lr-3-25-rd-mags/)

    Surefire Muzzle Devices in stock:

    [SUREFIRE SOCOM MUZZLE BRAKE 556 NATO 1/2X28](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/surefire-socom-muzzle-brake-556-nato-1-2×28/) – $137.25 + S/H

    [Surefire Warcomp 3 Prong 7.62](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/surefire-warcomp-flash-hider-7-62mm-5-8×24/) – $134 + S/H

    [DEAD AIR ARMAMENT KEY MOUNT FLASH HIDER M14X1 LH](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/dead-air-armament-key-mount-flash-hider-m14x1-lh/) – 65 + S/H

    [DEAD AIR ARMAMENT KEY MOUNT FLASH HIDER 1/2 X 28 RH](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/dead-air-armament-key-mount-flash-hider-1-2-x-28-rh/) – $65 + S/H

    All in stock [handguards](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product-category/firearm-parts/handguards/)

    In stock [Triggers](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product-category/firearm-parts/triggers/)

    Lower parts in stock:

    [SPIKE’S TACTICAL LPK STANDARD .223/5.56 NATO](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/spikes-tactical-lpk-standard-223-5-56-nato/) – $70.99 + S/H

    [Daniel Defense LPK ](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/daniel-defense-lrpk-223-5-56nato-black/) – $97 + S/H with code DDLPK12

    [BCM MIL-SPEC BUFFER TUBE STOCK HARDWARE MOUNT KIT](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/bcm-mil-spec-buffer-tube-stock-hardware-mount-kit/) $54.50 + S/H

    Also in stock:

    [RADIAN RAPTOR CHARGING HANDLE MPX FDE](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/radian-raptor-charging-handle-mpx-fde/) $90.20 + S/H

    [RADIAN WEAPONS RAPTOR AMBIDEXTROUS 5.56MM CHARGING HANDLE – TUNGSTEN](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/radian-raptor-ambi-5-56mm-charging-handle-tungsten-r0002/) – 75.45 + S/H

    Ammo in stock:

    [PRVI PARTIZAN 7.62X39 123 GR SP](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/prvi-partizan-7-62×39-123-gr-sp/)

    [PMC BRONZE 308 WIN 150 GR SP](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/pmc-bronze-308-win-150-gr-sp/)

    [HORNADY CRITICAL DUTY 40 S&W 175 GRAIN FLEXLOCK](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/hornady-critical-duty-40-sw-175-grain-flexlock)

    [SPEER LAWMAN 45 ACP 230 GR TMJ](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/speer-lawman-45-acp-230-gr-tmj/)

    [FEDERAL POWERSHOK 12 GA 2.75″ 00 BUCK](https://fiddlersdefense.com/product/federal-powershok-12-ga-2-75-00-buck/)

    And more…

    All inventory is held with us. We do not use a third party or warehouse to ship for us. Expect shipments to show processed same day to 1-2 days based on how busy we get during that time.

    Shipping is $9.45 or $12.95 flat based on size and weight of the item. All shipments are via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. We insure all shipments at our cost.

    Please contact us if you ever have any questions or issues. We are here to support the firearm community the best we can.

    Also, contact us if you are local to DFW and would prefer to pick up your parts from us. We offer cash pricing to locals since we don’t have to cover credit card fees.

    Thanks y’all!

  2. PewPewPewSplat

    Decent deal. In for 1. Now just have to get my 3 lug from ILWT for my CZ Scorpion.

  3. Boogerhooksafety

    Best firearm accessory I own. These are fantastic.

  4. killadocg23

    Will this fit the yhm r9??

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