[parts] CZ Shadow 2 Grip Adapter (AR) BLEM $74.95

[parts] CZ Shadow 2 Grip Adapter (AR) BLEM $74.95


[parts] CZ Shadow 2 Grip Adapter (AR) BLEM $74.95

16 reviews for [parts] CZ Shadow 2 Grip Adapter (AR) BLEM $74.95

  1. gebsmith

    For those that are clueless like me:

    >Adapter Frame Bringing CZ Shadow 2 Grip Panels to Your AR

    Normal non-blem price is $90.

  2. lebowskiachiever12

    This guy runs his operation solo and is a class act dude. I bought one of these when they dropped yesterday. His other grips, hand stops and panel stuff are great too.

  3. immortan_jared

    At first I wasn’t sure why this exists but after some more thought I’d bet its pretty comfortable

  4. ihopeicanchangel8r

    Didn’t even know a product like this existed but now that I do I’m def gonna pick one up! What a great concept

  5. xAtlas5

    …so could you slap shadow 2 grips on this?

    Edit: big if so because there are some BITCHING grips available.

  6. iredditshere

    Make your AR pistol a Shadow 2. I’m down.

  7. GYPSYkick

    Get one if you really want it. Owner posted that they probably won’t make anymore until the end of the year and that’s IF there is enough people interested.

  8. Intelligent_Ad4448

    This is pretty cool. I already have extra grips I can put on.

  9. sd408

    Tempted but so expensive

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  11. Badassteaparty

    Looking forward to adding my DNA collector bogie grips to my AR!

  12. creedbratt0n

    1911 next

  13. shadowbansarestupid

    Pretty interesting. I love my Scales grips. That said, I also love my Ergo grip, and I feel like it probably isn’t worth the price.

  14. Sir_Galahad_98

    The AR market is reaching levels niche not previously though possibly. Pretty cool though.

  15. Mr_Watson

    Not for me, but interesting concept for sure.

  16. ScorpiaChasis

    lol I see people buying this and using LOK grips…

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