[PARTS] Criterion Barrels 14.5″ .223 Wylde CORE $269.99 + FREE SHIP

[PARTS] Criterion Barrels 14.5″ .223 Wylde CORE $269.99 + FREE SHIP


[PARTS] Criterion Barrels 14.5″ .223 Wylde CORE $269.99 + FREE SHIP

19 reviews for [PARTS] Criterion Barrels 14.5″ .223 Wylde CORE $269.99 + FREE SHIP

  1. Apprehensive-Try800

    256 with gundeals5.

  2. ShaqsAdoptedUncle

    I would’ve rather paid a slightly higher price than wait the nine months like I did straight from Criterion with a discount code

  3. ihavefat

    Dam out of stock

  4. [deleted]


  5. UHCoog2011


  6. thegenericchen

    I know people been looking for some CORE’s to come back in stock. I’m sure there’s some sort of discount code floating around too. Last time I got one I just used their chat msg system and asked for one. I think I’ve gotten 10-15% off codes before.

  7. Azloboz

    Hands down, best barrels for the money

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  9. Teddyturntup

    OOS for me

  10. Apprehensive-Try800

    Im showing 3 left in stock.

  11. OffRosterImposter

    Missed it

  12. thegenericchen


  13. xtremejuuuuch

    Damn it, I hate living on the West coast. Always last to see the morning deals… Really want this barrel.

  14. ar15discounts

    we also have some other hybrid/core/ultralight lengths here:


  15. Upierzci

    Man I just want a 20” version

  16. metalski

    Damnit, this is the one I wanted.

  17. -leadStandard-

    I can’t wait for these to come out in nitride.

  18. returnsfourohfour

    Aren’t these the guys who supply barrels to BCM that have been cracking under 2500 rounds? Gonna be a hard pass for me.

  19. DrunkAsFuckButtSlut

    Why this rather than any other barrel?

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