[Parts] Complete G17 compatible Slide $199.99 Holiday Weekend Sale

[Parts] Complete G17 compatible Slide $199.99 Holiday Weekend Sale


[Parts] Complete G17 compatible Slide $199.99 Holiday Weekend Sale

22 reviews for [Parts] Complete G17 compatible Slide $199.99 Holiday Weekend Sale

  1. DogDooly

    I wish I knew if P80 is going to ship the $137 slides from last week before I buy another. This seems like a good deal.

  2. AlphaShootingSports

    Yes sir! It will fit your G22 frame

  3. AlphaShootingSports

    This is a completely assembled slide compatible with full size G17 3rd Gen or P80 PF940V2 frames.


    Billet 416 stainless heat treated and nitride slide

    Match Grade 416R 9mm 1-10 twist barrel

    All internals come installed

    RMR Cut option available at additional cost

    Price $199.99 + Shipping

    Don’t miss out on our weekend Holiday Sale good through 12/5/21 or while supplies last.

  4. Rjsmith5

    Would anything keep me from putting this on my 19 frame with a slide adapter?

  5. Chuboose

    Can I put this on gen 3 Glock 22 frame and be gtg for 9mm?

  6. possum_drugs

    i dont need another pistol

    i dont need another pistol

    i dont need another pistol

  7. CopaceticGeek

    Any chance for a complete G19 slide for the same price?

  8. HonorMyBeetus

    One day I’m going to find one of these deals but for a G26 assembly.

  9. speezly

    Great vendor, picked up a bcg from them last week.

  10. Maelifa

    Opinions? I need to finish my 940CL, was possibly waiting for a OEM upk, but im getting impatient.

  11. Gingercopia

    I keep hoping I can find a complete G43 slide for close to this πŸ˜…

  12. 3078-9756

    Awful website for mobile..

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  14. ginjaninja3223

    Would this slide work with the P80 specific micro roni thing that Polymer80 was selling? I bought a 17 slide from them and one of the conversion kits but it said it was specific to P80s. Maybe that was in reference to the frame?

  15. standardtissue

    Man this is a great deal for a loaded slide and I’m gassing for it, but I was really waiting and saving up for a grand poobah – optics cut, suppressor height and tb all in one. This deal def has me thinking though.

  16. Scary_Ad_2813

    I just put one of the Glock 26 complete V1 slides on a P80 last night. Seems to be high quality. Nicer than my Brownells Glock 17 slide I put together by a decent margin. The sights are terrible, worse than oem. But I’d rather pick my sights anyway.

  17. burritobitch


  18. GloryholeKaleidscope

    I picked up an ASS (πŸ˜†) complete slide for a G19 build a few months back and I love it for the price point (under 340$ shipped w/ optic chop) . I was also super impressed ASS (πŸ˜…πŸ€£) honored the “Reddit flash sale” price weeks after it had expired. Good stuff here.

  19. Benjaja

    Want a suppressor ready g17 slide (threaded w supp height sights)

    What’s my best bet?

    Or do I just go with a SR CZ P09?

  20. buzzgun


  21. Ruthless1228-2

    OOS πŸ™

  22. FlyontheWall30

    Paid $70 ($270) more during the Labor Day sale when I thought these were pretty cheap then. $200 seems like a great price. Now I’m bitter I paid more.

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