[Parts] CMMG drop in .22 conversion kit – Bravo SS – w/ (3) 25 Round Mag – $167.95 + free shipping

[Parts] CMMG drop in .22 conversion kit – Bravo SS – w/ (3) 25 Round Mag – $167.95 + free shipping


[Parts] CMMG drop in .22 conversion kit – Bravo SS – w/ (3) 25 Round Mag – $167.95 + free shipping

14 reviews for [Parts] CMMG drop in .22 conversion kit – Bravo SS – w/ (3) 25 Round Mag – $167.95 + free shipping

  1. Stubeezy

    I scooped the $143 BF deal from this dealer. Finally got a chance to use it. Dropped it in a DPMS rifle I use as a beater and it ran flawlessly for 200rds of assorted ammo, all varying FPS loads except the super quiet shit. Bolt will not hold open on last round, in case anyone is wondering.

    10/10 would buy again.

    Edit: Bolt should hold open. I may need a little lube.

  2. getgappede30

    Really annoyed this gets cheaper everyday lol I paid 200 with 1 mag.

  3. yes-I-am007

    Thanks. Just picked up a set. Never really thought to get one and was planning to get a dedicated setup but for $170, it might just be worth it.

  4. Squeezer999

    I wish they made a model that shoots full auto in a registered transferable lower

  5. tjhcreative

    Can someone tell me what the difference is on the various versions of these kits, and why they have different color followers?

  6. terminalzero

    Solid deal – I think I paid like $190 for my 3 mag set, and I was happy with it at that price

  7. Cautious-Guest7317

    Pair this with the mcfaden loader for most (and cheap) fun you’ll have at the range.


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  9. joseph-1998-XO

    Super tempting

  10. skatecrimes

    Is this a BIN price? or do these come up often?

  11. strictlybazinga

    No tax no shipy extra delishy! In for 2

  12. GodoRS

    Maybe a stupid question, but does this need anything at all else besides this kit to work?

  13. dippenmesomecope

    Thanks, been waiting to snag one

  14. f0rf0r

    i guess it’s time

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