[parts] Centerfire has a bunch of complete uppers for $320

[parts] Centerfire has a bunch of complete uppers for $320


[parts] Centerfire has a bunch of complete uppers for $320

13 reviews for [parts] Centerfire has a bunch of complete uppers for $320

  1. makenzie71

    Not the greatest stuff but I have a couple Del-ton parts builds and they’re fun, inexpensive plinkers. These include the BCG…which, for some reason, isn’t normal anymore…

    If you search their site for [Del-Ton](https://centerfiresystems.com/product-search-results?search_text=del-ton) you’ll see the deals for $319.99…they have 20, 16, 14.5, and 11.5.

  2. Ppls-Republic-of-NJ

    Are these uppers good? The 20โ€ version is tempting me. How do they compare to something like a psa in the same price range?

  3. Aerofirefighter

    Man that 20in is tempting for sure. I have a rifle length quad rail thatโ€™s been sitting

  4. FluffyBaby669

    I picked up a delton 16″ carbine build kit from 208gunshop last month for $349 shipped. Its a budget gun but it actually turned out to be a decent shooter. Mine came with Magpul fde furniture and i built it on an Aero lower i had laying around.

  5. Hunter0josh

    I would go PSA for the monies

  6. W0MBBR00M

    Chrome lined barrels?

  7. hill-william

    Any dissipators?

  8. Cerberus1252

    Snagged one, thanks OP

  9. TreeWalker9617

    20″ upper oos ๐Ÿ™

  10. GunLovinFunLovinGuy

    On their 11.5 inch upper it says: SBR, M-16, or Pre Ban Pistol only! – What the hell is a Pre Ban Pistol? Why would a company in Kentucky have that warning?

  11. Ppls-Republic-of-NJ

    Went OOS while I was pondering ๐Ÿ™

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  13. Creedswormguy75

    Iโ€™d go with PSA nitride over just a straight phosphated barrel from delton

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