[PARTS] Build out your Aero AR-10 ACTUALLY COMPLETE Uppers, plus a few left over optics and mounts to go with it starting at $575

[PARTS] Build out your Aero AR-10 ACTUALLY COMPLETE Uppers, plus a few left over optics and mounts to go with it starting at $575


[PARTS] Build out your Aero AR-10 ACTUALLY COMPLETE Uppers, plus a few left over optics and mounts to go with it starting at $575

10 reviews for [PARTS] Build out your Aero AR-10 ACTUALLY COMPLETE Uppers, plus a few left over optics and mounts to go with it starting at $575

  1. Apolopolo99

    Lmao i like that you had to specifically “actually complete” with all the aero uppers getting posted here missing CH and BCG then they act like that’s a feature because you can choose your own CH and BCG.

    Good deal tho

  2. spudd4242

    I’m confused on the .308 upper. Is it FDE or black? And it makes you choose all 3 options to add to card

  3. Awatovi

    I know the dealer is asleep by now but I am confused. Are the 24โ€ 6.5 Cr out of stock? It says complete but they arenโ€™t for the price posted.

  4. radio_schizo

    Welp that’s definitelya bin price!

  5. FourthPrestigeGuns




    If you great people have suggestions as to what I can do to serve you better or other products I should bring on, please let me know!

    For the Scalarworks 30mm mounts, please email us and we can give you a special code to use,.


    We DO Price match, please shoot us a contact if our prices are somehow higher than anybody else, we like to get low when they go high ๐Ÿ™‚


    Code ‘noship’ should give free shipping

    For our AR10 BCGs, code AR10 to take extra $$ off


    We also have some M5 / .308 upper receivers and handguards, but I took some melatonin and it’s really starting to kick in, so I’m off to bed folks. Thank you for stopping by!


    |**Bolt Carrier Groups**||
    |Aero .308 / 7.62 BCG – Black Nitride Finish|[225 before code AR10](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aero-precision-308-7-62-bolt-carrier-group-black-nitride-finish/)|
    |Aero .308 / 7.62 BCG – Phosphate Finish|[$200 before code AR10](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aero-precision-308-7-62-bolt-carrier-group-phosphate-finish/)|
    |Aero 5.56 No logo BCG – Black Nitride|[$125](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aero-precision-5-56-bcg-black-nitride-finish-no-logo/)|
    |Aero 5.56 BCG No logo- Nickel Boron|[$154](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aero-precision-5-56-bcg-nickel-boron/)|
    |**Complete Uppers**||
    |Aero M4E1 10.5″ barreled upper with enhanced handguard|[$410](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/m4e1-enhanced-no-fa-complete-upper-10-5-5-56-carbine-9-enhanced-m-lok-anodized-black/)|
    |Aero M5 .308 18″ barreled upper (FDE)|[$575 and up with options to complete it](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/m5-18-308-cmv-complete-upper-receiver-w-atlas-r-one-handguard-fde-cerakote/)|
    |Aero M5 .308 18″ barreled upper (black)||
    |Aero M5E1 22″ 6.5 Creedmoor|[$605 and up but I’m CreedPOOR](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aero-precision-m5e1-enhanced-22in-6-5-creedmoor-complete-upper-receiver-black-anodized/)|
    |Aero M5 24″ 6.5 Creedmoor – FDE|[605 and up](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aero-precision-m5-24in-6-5-creedmoor-complete-upper-receiver-fde-cerakote/)|
    |**Unity Tacticool**||
    |Fast Risers in FDE / Black|[$87](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/fast-optic-riser/)|
    |Micro Mounts in FDE / Black|[$155.69](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/shop-all/unity-tactical/fast/)|
    |Hot button w/ Surefire lead – pic mount or M-Lok mount|[$94](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/hot-button-mlok/)|
    |Eotech G33 FTC mount in black or FDE|[Add to cart for discount](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/fast-ftc-eotech-g33-magnifier-mount/)|
    |Eotech G33|[$510](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/eotech-g33-magnifier/)|
    |Aimpoint CompM4h|[$700](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aimpoint-compm4-2-moa/)|
    |Aimpoint CompM5|[$695](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/aimpoint-compm5-2-moa-dot/)|
    |30mm LPVO 1.57″ and 1.93″ mounts|[$399 (contact us)](https://fourthprestigeguns.com/shop-all/optics-optic-mounts/scalarworks/)|

  6. Mbelcher987

    Edit Add to cart for correct price. My original message was wrong.

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  8. skyy_capt

    Are codes working?

  9. pixiewrangler9000

    >Actually complete and not just a barreled upper

    [confused Pikachu face]

  10. mktampabay1

    Need an 18โ€ 6.5

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