[PARTS] Bootleg Adjustable BCG 5.56 ($169.99) Plus Shipping

[PARTS] Bootleg Adjustable BCG 5.56 ($169.99) Plus Shipping


[PARTS] Bootleg Adjustable BCG 5.56 ($169.99) Plus Shipping

12 reviews for [PARTS] Bootleg Adjustable BCG 5.56 ($169.99) Plus Shipping

  1. fitgranticus

    I have an 11.3 that is tuned to run extremely well with an a5h3 buffer system. When i put my suppressor on, my recoil becomes more harsh and brass ejects at about 2pclock. This isn’t a huge deal, but out of curiosity I tried a bootleg adjustable. One click toward the “suppressed” setting with a flat head screwdriver, and suddenly my gun runs perfectly smooth with a suppressor. I wouldn’t use this to tame an overgassed gun, you’d probably just be better off adding buffer weights or restricting at the gas port. But to quickly tune the gas system between suppressed and unsupressed, this is very good.

  2. zxman371

    Dumb question but can someone explain what an adjustable bcg does?

  3. Oh_u_know_the_thing

    I have been wanting one for my carbine FSB rifle that I started shooting suppressed. Worth a shot at getting this or should I attempt springs and buffers first?

  4. DogePerformance

    I have Superlative AGBs on the rest of mine, but my 12.5″ has this BCG and I’m happy with it.

  5. midnightmk4

    Good deal. Best I’ve seen is Aim surplus had them for like 160 otd

  6. halfam

    A lot of people shit on this but the Bootleg ABCG with my superlative arms adjustable gas block is amazing for my 10.3 223/556 build

  7. Username_was_here

    Is this a good price? They’re usually in stock at Bauer for $175

  8. IcebergBayou

    I run one of these on a 13.9 midlength and it works great!

    Almost eliminated gas in my face when I run suppressed. Gotta use a carbine weight buffer though, I tried with an H1 buffer and it wouldn’t cycle correctly

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  10. cluckinbe11

    Is s7 superior to a c158 bolt?

  11. Pat86282

    Installed one Into my 13″ build properly tuned buffer system with this BCG made it the smoothest running AR I have shot to date. Best BCG I could have gotten for my Knight’s Armament Build!! Just ordered another one because of the great price listed, cant go wrong with it!

  12. kidruhil

    I have one in my 11.5″ DD/USGI pistol. Runs flawlessly while suppressed

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