[PARTS] Black B5 Systems Bravo Stock – $46.95 Shipped

[PARTS] Black B5 Systems Bravo Stock – $46.95 Shipped


[PARTS] Black B5 Systems Bravo Stock – $46.95 Shipped

11 reviews for [PARTS] Black B5 Systems Bravo Stock – $46.95 Shipped

  1. GarlicFartz

    Primary arms had these for 36$ last week. Grabbed 2. Great cheek weld and lightweight

  2. Correct-Mongoose-202

    All the fancy sticks in the world and other than the UBR, which is heavy and very purpose specific, this is the best collapsible stock out there. It’s not fancy. It’s solid and has a good cheek weld but isn’t over pronounced. Buy with confidence.

  3. TheChance916

    Do these wiggle around or are they pretty stiff? Like the magpul friction lock.

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  5. biggmax

    This or a PRS Lite?

  6. _PewPewMan

    An alright deal

  7. M16iata

    This or magpul SL-S?

  8. ZM_USMC

    Absolutely hate the buttpad on this. Magpul MOE SL for the W

  9. santiagoelcampeon

    My friend has this on his AR. It hurts my supple face when I shoot it.

  10. thethrowaway07261989

    How does this compare to a Magpul SL?

    I’m about to buy the Magpul SL but this one looks interesting

  11. FreshOutdoorAir

    I have the BCM Gunfighter Mod 0 stock and I like it. Absolutely no wobble whatsoever, it’s so stiff it’s slightly difficult to adjust the length (not actually difficult, just relative to how easily other stocks are able to adjust). But there is absolutely no wiggle whatsoever, feels like a fixed stock with how tight it locks up.
    Should I try this Bravo or stick with my BCM?

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