[PARTS] Bexar Arms Christmas Sale – up to 20% off Aero, Faxon, Radian, and more. Details in comments.

[PARTS] Bexar Arms Christmas Sale – up to 20% off Aero, Faxon, Radian, and more. Details in comments.


[PARTS] Bexar Arms Christmas Sale – up to 20% off Aero, Faxon, Radian, and more. Details in comments.

8 reviews for [PARTS] Bexar Arms Christmas Sale – up to 20% off Aero, Faxon, Radian, and more. Details in comments.

  1. BexarArms

    **It has come to my attention that USPS First-Class Mail is commonly experiencing delivery delays.** Orders shipped via this method are usually delivered within 2 weeks time, though it has been reported that it can occasionally take 30 days or more. If a timely delivery is important, please choose any of the other shipping options. Thanks!
    Howdy Friends!

    It’s sale season again! It’s hot as hell here in San Antonio, but that’s not stopping me from getting into the holiday spirit! Use the coupon code **BEXAR-21-22** at checkout to receive 20% off ALL Bexar Arms branded products! Sale ends Jan 3rd 2022 at midnight CST.

    * [Bexar Arms 11.5″ Midlength 5.56 URG’s](https://www.bexararms.net/11-5-mid-5-56-URG/)
    * [Bexar Arms eXcise Optimized Handguards](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-handguards/)
    * [Bexar Arms M16 9310 BCG’s](https://www.bexararms.net/M16-556-9310-BCG-nitride/)

    20% off all in stock Aero Precision with code **AERO-21-22** at checkout! Discount valid through Jan 3rd 2022 and ends at midnight CST.


    20% off all in stock Faxon barrels with code **FAXON-21-22** at checkout! Discount valid through Jan. 3rd 2022 and ends midnight CST.

    * [11.5″ Midlength 5.56 Gunner Barrel](https://www.bexararms.net/faxon-11-5-gunner-5-56-midlength-qpq/)
    * [16″ Midlength 5.56 Gunner Barrel](https://www.bexararms.net/faxon-16-gunner-5-56-midlength-4150-qpq/)

    Radian Raptor R0001 and Raptor-LT FDE R0149 AR15 Charging Handles are still on sale for 20% off! Use coupon code **Dromaeosauriformipes** at checkout to receive the discount.

    * [Radian Raptor R0001](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-raptor-black/)
    * [Radian Raptor-LT FDE R0149](https://www.bexararms.net/raptor-lt-ar15-fde/)

    Nearly all VG6 Muzzle Devices have been restocked and are still on sale! No coupon code necessary, and no cart limits. If you’ve been looking for a quality muzzle device for a good price, look no further.

    * [VG6 Delta 556 – $31](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-delta-556/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon 556 – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-556/)
    * [VG6 Gamma 556 – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-gamma-556/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon AK – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-ak/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon 9mm – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-9mm/)
    * [VG6 CAGE Device – $44.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-cage/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon 556SL – $49](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-556sl/)

    All Bexar Arms merchandise is on sale for 10% of with code **NewYearNewMerch** at checkout! Please remember that apparel always ships for FREE and is printed to order and shipped from a third party, so please allow for some time for your order to be made and shipped.

    * [Bexar Arms Merch](https://www.bexararms.net/merchandise/)

    Progress on [our short dwell time barrels is happening, and things are looking good!](https://www.instagram.com/p/CXSUSCgrpZ_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) We’re hoping to release the first barrel in the first quarter of 2022, and it will be the 13.9″ barrel length with the Noveske style intermediate gas system length. Hopefully the other two lengths can be released all before the end of 2022 as well.

    [We’ve taken some preliminary muzzle velocities with the prototype barrels,](https://www.instagram.com/p/CXxIRcTMH_c/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) and we’ll take more data once the production run of barrels arrives. That being said, everything is looking very good so far, and I’m very excited to be bringing these barrels to market!
    [If any of yโ€™all have 3D printers and also happen to be reloaders, I got some reloading trays available to download for free on Thingiverse.](https://www.thingiverse.com/BexarArms/designs)

    Thanks again for the support, and please feel free to ask me any questions or give me your suggestions on what I should look into offering next. I’m the best at answering emails over reddit PMs. I don’t always check reddit, but I do always get notified of new emails!


  2. SoundOf1HandClapping

    Fuck you Phil for making me want to spend more money.

    Sigh. I see Phil I upvote.

    Any news on the additional sizes of excise?

  3. midnightmk4

    Based bexar arms

  4. wecangetbetter

    Awwww shit I needed a M-Lok handguard anyway.

  5. BexarArms

    eyy, the original long comment with links and codes is back! Peep it here ๐Ÿ‘€


  6. steve_the_woodsman

    Do you have any 14.5″ 300blk barrels? Looking for hbar or similar.

    Additionally, looking at upgrading my trigger but couldn’t find any on your website. Do you have any?

  7. jgisbo007

    Longing for the day when a faxon .308 barrel goes on sale ๐Ÿ˜ซ

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