[Parts] Benelli M4 3 Position Collapsible Stock pre order $599

[Parts] Benelli M4 3 Position Collapsible Stock pre order $599


[Parts] Benelli M4 3 Position Collapsible Stock pre order $599

41 reviews for [Parts] Benelli M4 3 Position Collapsible Stock pre order $599

  1. ohnolagman

    I still haven’t received mine from months ago.

    Also looks like he upped the price $100.

  2. meowm35

    Do my eyes deceive me or is this $600 fucking furniture?

  3. Trevelayan

    This or 3 Maverick 88s?

  4. joeeee321

    We carried these in the marines and honestly I don’t understand the hype. It’s not a game changer over a fixed stock. Used it for storage more than anything. Also would occasionally collapse under heavy shooting (probably due to them being completely clapped out and issued to Marines who treated them like shit).

  5. whyintheworldamihere

    This is 5.35x more expensive than my last shotgun.

  6. OcelotPrize

    $600 grip and stock lol no thanks

  7. Justingtr

    Not really a deal, but this is the only way to get this stock right now unless you buy used. Used prices I’ve seen range from 650 to 1000. Averaging about $800 on gun broker.


    I’d rather wait a few years for these prices to normalize tbh.

    I don’t need to be paying So much for a benelli stock when they cost 1/5th this 3 years ago

    Good looking out for those who can’t wait though, op.

  9. Just_a_Guy_In_a_Tank

    Ok so companies in Turkey or whatever are making entire reproductions of the whole freaking gun. Yes I know the quality of those is suspect.

    Buuuuuut…..how has nobody else built an affordable version of this stock? It could even be different. I just want to not pay $600 for an adjustable M4 stock.

  10. enclave76

    I have a tracking number for the last preorder group but still hasn’t shipped. I got my other parts really fast though.

  11. Miisterii

    I bought this and the 7rd tube three months ago ish for ~$700. Same seller. Tube came in with no Benelli factory paperwork or packaging. Apparently it was “because there are two manufactures he gets it from and one is neat in packaging and one isn’t”. After comparing with others and friends who bought the tube it looked legit.

    Stock came in brand new in factory Benelli box. Installation is pretty straightforward and I like it over all, except, it has a slight alignment issue in comparison to the frame of the firearm. It’s slightly to the right. I believe it’s because the buffer tube is slightly over tightened. Oh well, it doesn’t break function, just bugs my OCD. It’d be a big project that isn’t worth it IMO to fix that alignment.

    Overall, the amount of money in the buffer tube and stock just to get it to be the original LE/military look and function is totally absurd obviously. But this shotgun is something that will do anything you throw at it. And I consider it to be the absolute best shotgun (even so right out of the box for civilian versions) and even more incredible with these installations

    Pure. Italian. Luxury.

  12. chester29pot

    You guys got to pay to play. Benelli parts aren’t cheap. Like complaining about HK prices.

    Do yourself a favor and track down #11721 and it comes with everything you need.

  13. Vee32

    *sigh* Maybe someday they will ship the 14″ barrel so I can finally have my SBS.

  14. IGotsDaPooOnMe

    I’m too poor to view this.

  15. hotel_torgo

    In for one, thanks for the heads-up. You won’t find these for any cheaper. Hoping the SBS barrel assemblies pop back up soon too

  16. RoryJSK

    If you buy this you are supporting ridiculous pricing in the firearms and accessories market.

  17. GrandCowboy



    Available via backorder, approx. $175 USD shipped. Definitely not Benelli quality, but also not Benelli pricing either. Interested if anyone has tried this?

  18. Drewcrew73

    Damn, so how much is my whole M4 worth now then 🙄

  19. Maleficent_Leg9663

    So just a head up I ordered the collapsible stock from them on 9/8 on a “pre order” I just now got the shipping info from them, be prepared to wait a while for you item”s”

  20. 46Alpha

    I got on the pre order two or three back. Takes forever to ship, but it does ship. Got it, hated it, and it’s sat in the box since. The LoP is nice on the middle position, but it’s too high to see the stock sights or a red dot. Moving it out to the furthest position makes the LoP too long.

  21. Gunner0117

    Benelli starting to feel like HK. 600 dollar stock for your 1800 dollar shotgun.

    You’re not an operator. You wouldn’t understand. Because you suck. And we hate you.

  22. data_rockstar

    I bought into the M4 hype and spent $2k on an h2O model and have since spent another $1k in changing to the 7 round barrel, trigger, mesa stock etc. So you’re at $3k just to get it how it should come from the factory. If I did a large release button and handle its another $500.

    Then I bought a Beretta 1310 tactical – which from the factory comes with 7 rounds, a mesa stock, nice big release button, is shorter and lighter. And that was only $1,500.

    While the M4 is nice, It’s a money pit and I’d highly recommend anyone considering it look at the 1310 instead.

  23. Bromad244

    These adjustable stocks aren’t good. Fixed stock with pistol grip is the way to go!

  24. EnzoGorlami42

    Lol this was $250 in 2016

  25. UCFKnights79

    From experience from having one, the collapsible stock is pretty overrated. When you collapse it down one notch, you can’t look down the ghost rings though the LOP is shorter.

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  27. hruebsj3i6nunwp29

    I wonder if you could machine the stock if you have the non-collaspsible version.

  28. autoentropy

    I need the God damn tube. I have these but can’t find the tube anywhere.

  29. Yoshi_is_my_main

    You have got to be out of your mind

  30. GloryholeKaleidscope

    Damn, when your gun furniture costs more than your real furniture.

  31. [deleted]


  32. DrowningEarth

    I did the recoil tube swap on a M1014 edition. It’s not as bad as they say, but IMO the way it mounts to the receiver is poorly designed for what these things cost. It’s purely held on by torque and permanent threadlocker. Imagine if you bought an AR15 and the buffer tube was loctited on instead of having a staked castle nut.

  33. pgejeep

    Anyone know if this will work on M2 tactical?

    Edit: helps to read first. 🤦‍♂️

  34. Bigred2989-

    At that price I better be able to play Ridge Racer on it.

  35. jmanjones

    Ender 3 is a bit cheaper

  36. IntenseSpirit

    This costs more than both my shotguns together

  37. TacticalRhombus

    Was waiting for this pre-order to come back, but $600 is just insane to justify for a wobbly cosmetic upgrade to my $2k shotgun. Looks like they raised the price of the 7rd Magazine tube as well.

  38. bygtopp

    600$ for a stock. I’ll pass. I got my m4 used with a pistol grip stock for 1000$ and it came with a tube extension. All the numbers do add up also. It isn’t a copy of a copy

  39. 77SOULDIER77

    Who the hell has $600 for a stock? I mean, does it guarantee you’ll hit your target every time, or what?

  40. ATF_Officer

    Will this fit the Turkish clone?

  41. Alldayeverydaygfy

    I ordered it on 9/8 of this year, received it on 12/23. No problem on my end, but milage may vary with others, as notated in this topic/thread.

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