[Parts] BCM MCMR-13 — $153.98 + ship (400+ in stock)

[Parts] BCM MCMR-13 — $153.98 + ship (400+ in stock)


[Parts] BCM MCMR-13 — $153.98 + ship (400+ in stock)

8 reviews for [Parts] BCM MCMR-13 — $153.98 + ship (400+ in stock)

  1. throwawayifyoureugly

    Even with shipping, it’s the lowest price I’ve seen for a brand new MCMR-13.

    Use code Facebook for $5 if you don’t already have an account.

  2. joe_sun

    I want this to replace the dickmod BCM handguard I have on my factory upper.. but it’s such a waste of money, especially considering I already have dickmod accessories attached to it I would have to re-buy! I MUST RESIST!!!

  3. DrKDB

    Great price. In for 1 to finish a 16″ build.

  4. Stampsfortramps

    Note: will fit a dead air nox device and can on a 13.9 barrel if you cut the sides to match the length on the top and bottom.

  5. w2dude

    Just checked my email too. I wonder if they’ll get 15inchers

  6. [deleted]


  7. nug_nug01

    One less in stock, thanks man! Been waiting for this since they sold out last week

  8. nosnhojam

    Was waffling about the handguard for a 14.5 p&w but I guess this seals the deal. Thanks op

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