[Parts] BCM C8 SFW 16” Upper – $543.40

[Parts] BCM C8 SFW 16” Upper – $543.40


[Parts] BCM C8 SFW 16” Upper – $543.40

6 reviews for [Parts] BCM C8 SFW 16” Upper – $543.40

  1. VinceAutMorire

    Pretty cool upper, but man…the reviews are boomer-tier cringe lol:

    > A solid build, one I’d have no qualms about
    putting to work in defense of hometown or homestead–haven’t had a
    chance to fire it but trials with snap-caps

  2. dencoan

    i had one, soild upper accurate kinda heavy but i miss it

  3. OKB1

    Bought one just because it’s early GWOT cool factor.

    Yes, you can get Gucci 12” Mid lengths and whatnot. I already have those, that’s not the point of the C8.

    An evolution of this rifle, the L119A2 appears to have been used by the SAS man who stopped the terrorists In the Nairobi attack.


  4. Greenshardware

    Carbine length 16″ in 2021 is not a good build, change my mind.

  5. fourpairsofboots

    Still haven’t finished the one I bought last time

  6. BaconAndCats

    So how is this different than a civie m4gery? Looks like an m4 but with a 16″.

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