[PARTS] BCM BCG $199.99

[PARTS] BCM BCG $199.99


[PARTS] BCM BCG $199.99

8 reviews for [PARTS] BCM BCG $199.99

  1. hack-a-shaq

    I miss the old days of $160 but I do love BCM BCGs

  2. yellowcard987

    Are these as good as LMT and Hodge?

  3. TTTTescapee

    Need to find the FDE one in stock.


    OOS 🙁

  5. Pepe_gun_slinger

    Got one!

  6. gebsmith

    Damn, been looking for one of these for a couple months.

  7. tax1dr1v3r123


  8. 50StarAR

    We have Aero Black Nitride BCGs for $135 and 2 day shipping.

    Check us out at [50 Star](https://50starar.com/product-category/bolt-carrier-group/)

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