[parts] BCG MPI -NITRIDE $85 + $7.50 shipping

[parts] BCG MPI -NITRIDE $85 + $7.50 shipping


[parts] BCG MPI -NITRIDE $85 + $7.50 shipping

2 reviews for [parts] BCG MPI -NITRIDE $85 + $7.50 shipping

  1. Clifton1979

    Even pre rona “budget” carriers always forced me to bring parts/tools to the range. Not this one in particular, but others not toolcraft or above needed restaking, one needed a new extractor spring, one broke the metal on the end where the extractor meets the spring…. etc.

    Are they bad… no, they work. Am I gonna function check the heck out of it… yes.

  2. call_of_warez

    Did the bottom fall out of the BCG market? Seems like these fell back to pre-rona prices really quickly

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