[Parts] BCA Full Side Charging Upper V2 16″ $191.99

[Parts] BCA Full Side Charging Upper V2 16″ $191.99


[Parts] BCA Full Side Charging Upper V2 16″ $191.99

28 reviews for [Parts] BCA Full Side Charging Upper V2 16″ $191.99

  1. street_sweeper_757

    Should go nicely with the $100 complete radical lower.

  2. ramfan2382

    Have a 10.5in 223 wylde side charger from them. Charging handle had been hit with a hammer making sharp angles, contacted customer service via email, no reply, called and they found the email I sent, then shipped a new handle out, which FedEx lied and said they delivered. Just took a file to it to knock down the sharp edges in the end. Not a tack driver, but a fun range day or truck gun. Also, be willing to do QC on it once delivered, just had to tighten down the screws, but others folks have had worse luck with stuff out of spec. BCA is hit or miss.

  3. GucciRifle

    Thank God, finally found something that will go on my sr15 lower

  4. Dramafree40

    Mcnew10 code drops this down to $172.79. can only use once per account but you can always use a different email to make a new account.

  5. hoegaarden81

    Have 4 BCA 2nd gen side charging uppers. Love them all. They have come along way. Still some QC issues, but for a 175 – $200 COMPLETE upper, I’m not going to complain.

  6. Measurex2

    Out of stock. This is what I get for spending time with my children

  7. bob_doolan

    I won’t say “just as good,” but if you’re willing to iron out a few kinks and adjust some poor QC issues, this can be a fun upper. I’ve got one in 7.62×39 and with some upgraded springs, a heavy buffer, and a VG6 brake, it shoots pretty damn well for the $250 I paid.

  8. Cautious-Guest7317

    BCA QC sucks but CS is top notch. I would order from them again. Just set right expectations.

  9. kefefs

    In for one with for $172 with the Mcnew10 code. I had a Gen 1 side charger and it worked fine except for the charging handle coming loose every magazine. :/ The Gen 2 has a redesigned charging handle that stays put so this should be a solid choice to throw on a spare lower I have lying around.

  10. croutonianemperor

    5% off with “AmmoSeek5” so i saw in an ad

  11. razz538

    Just want to add in I was so impressed with my 16 inch wylde barrel from them I’ve ordered 6 other uppers/barrels. The 24 inch grendel, 16 inch grendel and wylde upper are all sub moa. I’m going to the range tomorrow and will take pictures for proof. Wylde has about 1200 rounds through it and has never had a malfunction even with old tula ammo. Both grendels shoot impressively well with hornady black 123gr. I will be a bca fanboy until they prove me wrong

  12. bjjcripple

    I’m new to the rifling world

    Would [this](https://www.bigtexordnance.com/product/lmt-mars-h-sopmod-complete-lower-lewis-machine-tool/) work good with this upper?

  13. Assaltwaffle

    Well, you get what you pay for.

  14. bakel5

    Yo reno?!?!?!?lmao show them the barrel picture 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. OregonGreen201

    Would the side charging handle be any better or worse than the traditional CH when shooting suppressed?

  16. Jesussaves1972

    I have the 16 inch .223 wylde side charging upper from here. It seems like it takes too much force to charge compared to normal upper. I used H2 buffer, is this the problem?

  17. triplec199

    Reno said no way jose

  18. HarietTubesock

    What kind of replacement upper would you recommend with this upper?

  19. ImGundy


  20. Andrew1329

    Can I use this bcg in standard upper?

  21. aj_thenoob

    I’m seriously considering pulling the trigger on this one. Just for the parts alone it seems like an amazing deal.

  22. uscmarine

    Reciprocating ?

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  24. Whistle_While_U_Lurk

    Sorry if this is a stupid question I’ve just never handled or owned a side charging upper – do these take a standard BCG?

  25. WhiteTrashTexan

    I got the original from midway a while back. Just did some work to make it a host for a 22” 6 arc manual action AR, using a superlative gas block that can be semi auto as well.

  26. GunLovinFunLovinGuy

    Why do people want a side charging AR?

  27. Dmitri_ravenoff

    I own one like this. I’m no fan boy, but it just works. It’ll never be. Competition gun, but yeah I’d trust it with my life at 100 yards with red dot.aome may call me a fool, but it’s never FTF or FTE. Needs an Allen key to clean fully, but it’s simple and works.

  28. SmokyBearWithGuns

    Where’s my $2500?

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