[Parts] Ballistic Advantage Gov’t Profile Barrels All Lengths $94.99, Free Shipping on $200+, No Tax (Except UT), More Deals in Comments

[Parts] Ballistic Advantage Gov’t Profile Barrels All Lengths $94.99, Free Shipping on $200+, No Tax (Except UT), More Deals in Comments


[Parts] Ballistic Advantage Gov’t Profile Barrels All Lengths $94.99, Free Shipping on $200+, No Tax (Except UT), More Deals in Comments

14 reviews for [Parts] Ballistic Advantage Gov’t Profile Barrels All Lengths $94.99, Free Shipping on $200+, No Tax (Except UT), More Deals in Comments

  1. cjwatson247

    I don’t NEED anything right now but I like the communication from OP and their deals. I’ll add them to my list for when I’m ready for more parts, probably sooner than later lol

  2. samurailemur

    Lots of great deals here, especially on the Raptor LTs and BA barrels. Haven’t seen the deadair or FCD keymo muzzle devices retail that low in a while!

  3. WiseDirt

    Fuck I don’t need another barrel in my life right now. I just finished building out an 11.5″ Rosco Bloodline like two weeks ago and still have a dedicated 22lr barrel waiting in the wings. Somebody please talk me down from making a horrible financial decision here…

  4. boojito

    Everything listed as in stock on our website is physically on-hand at our retail location and ships the same or next business day.

    No coupons to remember (or forget to use!). All discounts are already applied or will be applied when added to cart.


    * Free on cart values $200+
    * $3.99 (USPS) and $5.99 (UPS) on cart values $100+
    * $7.99 (USPS) and $9.99 (UPS) on cart values below $100
    * Free local pick up for those in the Salt Lake City, UT area

    If you’re close to free shipping, check out our [$20 and under section](https://dynaguns.com/shop?max_price=20) to get you there!

    [Aero Precision Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=86)

    * $79.99 – M4E1 Upper – Stripped
    * $77.99 – AR15 Upper – Assembled
    * $26.99 – Lower Parts Kit Minus FCG, Trigger Guard, Grip
    * $19.99 – Gas Block, .750, No Logo
    * $119.99 – Bolt Carrier Group, 5.56, Nitride, No Logo

    [ALG Defense Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=91)

    * $64.99 – Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT)
    * $48.99 – Quality Mil-Spec Trigger (QMS)

    [Ballistic Advantage Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=88)

    * $74.99 – BA Enhanced Lower Receiver
    * $11.99 – BA Stainless Steel Gas Tubes
    * $12.99 – BA Melonite Gas Tubes

    [Dead Air Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=98)

    * $72.99 – All Dead Air muzzle devices
    * $164.99 – KeyMo Adapter, Nomad/Omega

    [Geissele Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=89)

    * $144.99 – G2S Trigger
    * $199.99 – All other triggers
    * $84.99 – Airborne Charging Handle (Black)
    * $86.99 – Super Charging Handle (Black)
    * $89.99 – Super Charging Handle (DDC)

    [Forward Controls Design Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=106)

    * $79.99 – Forward Controls 6315KM Muzzle Device
    * We have great deals on most other FCD items, but pay attention to descriptions as certain items are bulk packaged, meaning they won’t come with the usual FCD blister pack and instructions. We get better pricing by buying in bulk since we use these items for OEM manufacturing.

    [KAK Industry](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=114)

    * $29.99 – Lower Parts Kit Complete
    * $29.99 – Buffer Kit, Carbine, Complete
    * $21.99 – Lower Parts Kit Minus FCG, Trigger Guard, Grip

    [Radian Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=87)

    * $59.99 – Raptor-LT
    * $75.99 – Raptor-SL

    [OKAY Industries Deals](https://dynaguns.com/shop?filter_pwb_list_2=111)

    * $10.99 – All Surefeed E2 Magazines
    * $10.49 – All mags when purchasing 5+
    * $10.25 – All mags when purchasing 10+

    If you find a cheaper deal somewhere else, email [sales@dynaguns.com](mailto:sales@dynaguns.com) with a link to the deal and we’ll see what we can do.

    Please use the back-in-stock notifications as they let us know which items are higher in demand so we can prioritize getting more.

  5. NPSgator

    Just finished building a SPR these listed price are damn near competitive. I would just shop with this vendor and get everything you need from one place

  6. pauliep13

    In for a whole bunch of stuff… lol

  7. alexmg2420

    >Gov’t profile barrels

    >All lengths

    >No 20 inch

    Don’t bother, the only government profile barrel you care about isn’t available.

  8. LazerSpartanChief

    Gone are the days of long boi barrels 🙁

  9. AFTnotforme

    Damn fine barrel prices

  10. cakan4444

    Gdm assign dealer

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  12. lostfreedom1776

    Do you have any 10 round okay surefeed magazines?

  13. LokiHoku

    If I order multiple BA lowers, can they be sequential serials?

  14. Bestbanthafodder

    Is this sale still going on, or did I miss something? Barrels are about 130$

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