[parts] BAD Attitude Nitride BCG – Choose Your Logo – $120

[parts] BAD Attitude Nitride BCG – Choose Your Logo – $120


[parts] BAD Attitude Nitride BCG – Choose Your Logo – $120

16 reviews for [parts] BAD Attitude Nitride BCG – Choose Your Logo – $120

  1. Cru4y

    Ok. You are not allowed to laugh. Before I stuck my mando bcg into my upper first time I grabbed my bottle of oil and liberally lubed it. But it was not oil. It was that Fcking green loctite

  2. DrKDB

    Love these. I don’t need another but the bad kitty is incredibly tempting.

  3. SplashingBlumpkin

    Wish they had an Umbrella Corp. offering.

  4. Itchy_Promotion4336

    The Cobra logo is tempting.

  5. Spawn_Beacon

    Any idea who makes these bolty bois?

  6. Veloster_Raptor

    I am tempted every time to get a dick butt one for my pew pew lowered pistol…

  7. joseph-1998-XO

    I want the Wayland Yutani or the Mytho one, goddamn such a great little detail

  8. headtattoo

    If I didn’t have a drawer full of BCGs, I’d grab a dickbutt faster than a dick in a….nevermind.

  9. fourleggedpython

    anyone try their LPK’s? looking to pick up a kit for my hon solo build.

    Edit: I’m assuming if the bcg is from white label, the lpk is as well?

  10. thornkin

    Would love a decepticon logo…

  11. rebel3489

    Are these good to go?

  12. Gatecrasher

  13. cdillon42

    u/BadAttitudeDept are you able to make a triforce from the Zelda series?

  14. ajr2409

    Boys that ATF is tempting.

  15. MiserableAttorney

    That Dick Butt build is finally coming together…

  16. afreeman25

    Any known coupon codes?

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