[parts] B5 Systems CAR-15 Stock $28.99

[parts] B5 Systems CAR-15 Stock $28.99


[parts] B5 Systems CAR-15 Stock $28.99

11 reviews for [parts] B5 Systems CAR-15 Stock $28.99

  1. peedmypants420

    anyone used these how are they?

  2. Grunt11B101

    For anyone complaining or concerned about wobble, put a small thing of electrical tape on the buffer tube or the fuzzy side on some Velcro tape to the tube. No more wobble.

    This works for every stock/brace btw. I do it on all of mine.

  3. ArmchairStrategist

    I like mine, got it just to have a different option on some of my SBR’s. Once a year ill put it on a gun for awhile and then inevitably swap it back to a B5, Magpul or BCM

  4. wecangetbetter

    Had one of these on my old Black Hawk Down CAR-15 clone. Pretty neat.

  5. likeonions

    car15 supremacy

  6. MeanOldMeany

    I wanted to browse this website but if forces you to sign up for their newsletter before you can shop. No thanks

  7. KhingOfTheMill

    These are great for lightweight rifles and PDW/SBR. Chop the front off and pair LWRCI UCIW buffer, sprint and tube to shave a few inches off collapsed length and ~4-5oz vs UCIW stock

  8. BigBouy234

    How much would you say someone be willing to pay for an aluminum car-15 stock?

  9. Freakse7en

    They gtg? Never heard of em. Maybe I’m lame

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  11. Accomplished-Luck680

    Does the Taiwan t91 use the same stock?

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