[Parts] Arisaka 600 Series Light Black w/ Malkoff E2HT Head $162 shipped with code ‘m4c’

[Parts] Arisaka 600 Series Light Black w/ Malkoff E2HT Head $162 shipped with code ‘m4c’


[Parts] Arisaka 600 Series Light Black w/ Malkoff E2HT Head $162 shipped with code ‘m4c’

15 reviews for [Parts] Arisaka 600 Series Light Black w/ Malkoff E2HT Head $162 shipped with code ‘m4c’

  1. OpenCole

    Just got one of these but with the E2XT heads. Love it. It works great, is built like a tank, and is straight up sexy.

  2. TombikBebe

    I love how slim these things are with the e2ht head. You can tuck em in really close to the rail

  3. Ishkander88

    This is my favorite light over, surefires 600s and modlite okw’s

  4. SIGnBCMglocksmysocks

    Picked up a E2HT. Love my 300 series almost as much as my Modlites. It’s crazy how far that tiny light throws outside, it’s very underwhelming inside but that’s to be expected with 325 lumens

  5. AggyTheJeeper

    Going on a 16″ gun, and I like to hold it near the back, so I need a tape switch eventually… What endcap would you guys recommend? The UE07 is just painfully expensive, but I think it’s ultimately what I want. Though I’ve read of light output being reduced by the tape switch? Is that an issue with the Arisaka E2HT and the UE07, or just the Modlite OKW?

  6. LuckyBuilder69

    Good deal for this, I paid like $15 more for mine.

  7. KT515

    Do these work with Mod heads?

  8. [deleted]


  9. HeavyMetalTrucker

    What tailcap do yall recommend?

  10. Davidtm237

    Bought one and then forgot to add the discount code so in for two I guess! Thanks

  11. lockdown36

    So…this fully equipped….or a rein….

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  13. kevinhenry

    Appreciate you sharing this. Was planning to go the straight SureFire route. Ordered with the UE07 and the Inline Scout M-Lok mount. Sweet business.

  14. Njborn

    In for one, also added a mount to my order.

  15. sig_pistols

    Currently have a streamlight HLX with the tapeswitch on a thorntail mount that works for my needs. Is this worth the upgrade or nah?

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