[Parts] AR15 Charging Handle – $9.95 + S/H

[Parts] AR15 Charging Handle – $9.95 + S/H


[Parts] AR15 Charging Handle – $9.95 + S/H

9 reviews for [Parts] AR15 Charging Handle – $9.95 + S/H

  1. Deadpan9

    No. I want to pay ten times as much for this part.

  2. chuckisduck

    tl;dr; these guys are legit.

    I marked them as suspicious when they sold t91 mags for 2/3 rd The price of the other t91 parts importer. The reason was is because the contact address was changed on their website. I spoke to the guy directly and the address change from his house to a PO box to Not that random people show up at his house. the video chatted you showed me the goods and Showed me that it was the house of the original address on linemount. I went back on it corrected my original suspicion in the post.
    full disclosure, I ordered 10 t91 magazines they gave me two extra.

    build t91 clone for my son, who is part Taiwanese.

  3. Infamous_Translator

    “Taiwanese defense contractor produced.”

  4. shenanigator10

    If you pay me 9.95, I *might* get one

  5. allister041


  6. FredmyLeg

    In for 69

  7. weaponizedrainy

    is this super duty grade

  8. ponderofclams

    Just as good

  9. imfromtheburgh

    In for one if somebody has a code for free shipping?

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