[PARTS] AR .410 upper parts kit $439.99

[PARTS] AR .410 upper parts kit $439.99


[PARTS] AR .410 upper parts kit $439.99

10 reviews for [PARTS] AR .410 upper parts kit $439.99

  1. StandardScience1200

    Can…. Can this work with 45 long Colt?

  2. pwilks52

    I don’t recall seeing a box of 410 shells at a LGS, gun show, or big box store in months.

  3. AAA_Game

    If I remember correctly from the last time one of these was posted, these 410 uppers are generally considered highly unreliable, and near impossible to find magazines for

  4. invertedigloo

    So, binary trigger?

  5. goneskiing_42

    Fuuuuuck, I have a [PSA APPROVAL-15](https://www.ballisticmag.com/psa-approval-15-stripped-lower-atf/) this would go great with, but my wallet can’t take it right now.

  6. Rude-Garbage-4003

    have this exact one i believe, you need really short shells to run it. like i had 4 different types and none worked, picked up some slugs that were like 2 1/4 and they worked. also my bcg broke almost immediately. sent it in and got it taken care of for no charge though. wouldnt exactly recommend

  7. hoplophilepapist

    that’d make a fun turkey gun with those $10 tss shells

  8. Dionysusigma

    Why not make it a side-inserted magazine (like the Sten, Sterling, or FG42)?

    Would .410 fit comfortably in the magazine well of an AR10?

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  10. ginjaninja3223

    Damn, probably wouldn’t get this by Christmas right? My FIL has wanted one of these for a long time

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