[Parts] Anderson “Ghost” lower receiver $40

[Parts] Anderson “Ghost” lower receiver $40


[Parts] Anderson “Ghost” lower receiver $40

14 reviews for [Parts] Anderson “Ghost” lower receiver $40

  1. lennyxiii

    So no one knows you’re sporting a $38 poverty pony on your $4500 upper.

  2. joshuamunson

    When the ffl fees cost more than your lower. Send it!

  3. Bieterman

    Listen when i go slummin I want you to know, OK?

  4. dionyszenji

    It’s funny watching people take a dump on Andersons when they likely “operate” with their MARS at the lgc’s 25 lane.

    Perfectly decent lower.

  5. WhoAmI-72

    When are the days going to come back where I can bulk purchase these for $30 shipped?

  6. ProdigalHacker

    Bought one for my first build, no issues at all. Bought 2 more for upcoming builds. Highly recommend. Wish I had bought all 3 at the same time to save on shipping.

  7. acelaya35

    I wonder how many of the same people that advocate for Americans exercising their 2FA rights also look down upon those that own these lowers.

  8. christobevii3

    How much is a cheap flight and checking 20 of these in?

  9. Mc_squawk_box

    Now you don’t have to advertise how poor you are!

  10. kefefs

    FYI this is still marked with Anderson’s information on the left side, of course. [pic here](https://andersonmanufacturing.com/media/catalog/product/cache/e194191515d04fe13ccb9d7914e24c85/d/2/d2k067ag00_l.jpg). If someone can read they’ll still know you have a poverty pony, it’s just easier to pretend you aren’t broke from afar.

  11. Myzz11b

    Bought 4 of these last time. Threw one on a .224 long range gun and one on a .22lr 4.5 inch ar.

  12. acelaya35

    Hey, my $250 milspec, inanimate chunk of 7075-T6 is WAY better than this $40 milspec, inanimate chunk of 7075-T6.

  13. mjisdagoat23

    Is it true these used to be $20 to $25 bucks? That seems unreal.

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