[Parts] Anderson AM15 Lower Receiver $39.99 + Ship

[Parts] Anderson AM15 Lower Receiver $39.99 + Ship


[Parts] Anderson AM15 Lower Receiver $39.99 + Ship

13 reviews for [Parts] Anderson AM15 Lower Receiver $39.99 + Ship

  1. ek1995

    I SBR’d an Anderson, AMA

  2. Barrelofmags

    I paid $90 for this about a year ago 🙁 no need to tell me I’m an idiot folks, I already know.

  3. vikingtactical97

    Poverty pony still shoots. Stack em deep

  4. [deleted]


  5. JPD232

    The reverse mullet of AR15s: This paired with an SR15 upper.

  6. smanuel74

    I feel so bad for the idiots that were paying 250 for these

  7. Legitimate03

    Should I buy this or wait? What was the price pre covid?

  8. XL365

    I’d be all over this if my FFL didn’t charge $40
    If you get 1,000 rounds out of one before is turns to dust I think it’s money well spent
    But then again I’ve never had an Anderson but sure seems a ton of folks have them

  9. cdillon42

    Still showing 510 instock? Surprised these aren’t sold out

  10. AppalachianViking

    I’ve literally never had an actually fit/function or out of spec problem with and Anderson. I’m gonna rattlecan it anyways, so finish doesn’t matter. I have never seen anything to indicate Andersons are bad other than hearsay and anecdotal evidence.

  11. Brainoad78

    Is this site for those lowers legit?

  12. Adam_LSX

    Do these have the upper tension screw?

  13. afreeman25

    Can we expect these prices to go *lower?*

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