[Parts] Anderson am-15 stripped upper receiver $29.99

[Parts] Anderson am-15 stripped upper receiver $29.99


[Parts] Anderson am-15 stripped upper receiver $29.99

22 reviews for [Parts] Anderson am-15 stripped upper receiver $29.99

  1. Whiskey-12

    In for 2. Might as well keep them as spare parts builds. Free shipping and no tax… fuckin mint

  2. ExpensiveBurn

    Free shipping to boot.

  3. InsuranceSuccessful7

    Grab a matching lower with lpk for 60 bucks while your there.

  4. pro2aAllDay

    Great price but I feel like the $50 upper from Damage Industries is a better deal since the dust cover and FA are installed on it already.

  5. Kleeetz

    Sigh… Why not. In for one.

  6. mpsteidle

    Is there any reason NOT to use this instead of a far more expensive upper? Looks?

  7. dottmatrix

    Well, that takes care of the uppers for my two in-progress builds.

  8. CelticGaelic

    Thanks OP! Snagged one while the getting was good.

  9. cabanabannana

    Fuck it, in for 1. I have a BCA .300 blk barrel I’ve had kicking around since I bought it years ago, might just be time to use it.

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  11. CloveredInBees

    Fantastic deal, thanks!

  12. gebsmith

    In for one because why not?

  13. vegas_guy702

    Got me. Didn’t “need” it right now…but good price, ordered one

  14. Ainoskedoyu

    In for one, thanks for sharing

  15. SarcasticTrauma

    Bought 3, don’t need them but the price is too good especially with California laws

  16. BrassEnthusiast1

    I dog on anderson sometimes but for fuckin $30 out the door, why not.

  17. r870

    Nature is healing

  18. Sad-Airport-5265

    cluck it i’m in how can you not

  19. cerealdaemon

    Fuuuuccckmmm. In for 2

  20. killgore755

    How much is shipping?

  21. DangerHawk

    They also have a [partially assembled Andersen Lower](https://www.208gunshop.com/anderson-manufacturing/anderson-am-15-partially-assembled-lower-receiver-930726) for $59.99.

    The combo will run you just under $90+NICS/Transfer. $160 all told for a upper/lower, part’s kit and transfer near me…that’s a frickin deal. Just ordered two lol

  22. Fattychris

    Almost $300 later. Got a lower kit and spare springs. Oh yeah, and the NiB BCG

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