[PARTS] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Stripped Lower – $38.99 ($11.99 Flat Rate S/H)

[PARTS] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Stripped Lower – $38.99 ($11.99 Flat Rate S/H)


[PARTS] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Stripped Lower – $38.99 ($11.99 Flat Rate S/H)

9 reviews for [PARTS] Anderson AM-15 No Logo Stripped Lower – $38.99 ($11.99 Flat Rate S/H)

  1. jefftopgun

    I’ve got a couple Anderson lowers, no complaints, they’ve got a NiB lpk that feels decent, doesn’t matter what you put in or on it, Anderson will always be budget, so resale is limited to end of the world, or a budget rifle. But again, no compaints.

  2. Kerfuffle_

    How am I supposed to flex my poorness at the range without that pony rollmark?

  3. Platanium

    How’s this on the quality scale? I want a blank one for my build but I also want to to be good quality

    EDIT: Good stuff thanks guys. Might use this as my lower

  4. SneakStock

    Dickhead LGS’s have these for like $70, and then charge $25 for the first, and $10 for every consecutive lower you get. Id love to buy 10-20 of these for $40 each.

  5. GreenLeafSkippyGuy

    Shakes fist in Californian

  6. [deleted]


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  8. mcjon77

    I’ve built at least 20 ARS on these lowers. Never had a problem. The only issue that I have seen with them is that Gen 2 pmags Don’t drop automatically when you hit the magazine release. Every other kind of mag from aluminum to hex mags to gen 3 pmags all drop easily when you hit the magazine release. The gym two pmags need a bit of a tug or shake.

    I just ordered an extra five, because you never know when you might need an extra lower.

  9. Figurine_Review

    4 days of radio silence from them, is this normal?

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