[PARTS] All Lower Parts Kits 10% Off – Flat Rate Shipping – Coupon Code “LPK10”

[PARTS] All Lower Parts Kits 10% Off – Flat Rate Shipping – Coupon Code “LPK10”


[PARTS] All Lower Parts Kits 10% Off – Flat Rate Shipping – Coupon Code “LPK10”

5 reviews for [PARTS] All Lower Parts Kits 10% Off – Flat Rate Shipping – Coupon Code “LPK10”

  1. BadAttitudeDept

    Hope you all are enjoying your time off and have plenty of AR parts under the tree!

    Now through the 31st, [all LPKs are 10% off](https://badattitudedept.com/ar15-lower-parts-kits/) when you use coupon code “LPK10”. We are phasing out our basic phosphate kit so get an additional savings on that one while they last.

    We’ll engrave pretty much anything you want on one of our [excellent Azimuth BCGs.](https://badattitudedept.com/azimuth-m16-ar15-bolt-carrier-group-nitride/) Azimuth makes some of the finest OEM BCGs in the industry.

    Headed to SHOT Show this year? Make sure to grab one of our[popular “Shit Show” patches](https://badattitudedept.com/patches/) for your badge holder. Also check out some of our new patches we just added today!

    [Superlative Arms gas blocks are on sale.](https://badattitudedept.com/ar15-ar10-upper-parts/) Once they are gone, they are gone.

    Are you a fan of Print Shoot Repeat on Youtube? He does some amazing videos on his 3D printed firearms. We are now his official merch shop. [Check out the selection of PSR branded items](https://badattitudedept.com/printshootrepeat/) and support his efforts to bring 3D printed firearms to the masses!

    [M16 Keychains are finally back in stock!](https://badattitudedept.com/m16-keychain/)

    [Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates and quality photography!](https://www.instagram.com/bad_attitude_dept/)

    Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy some quality time with family and friends!

  2. GreatTroy0285

    Seller is good to go and ships very fast.

  3. Mundane_Reading1190

    In for one keychain, thank you!

  4. SalemLXII

    This dealer is gtg, buy w/ confidence

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