[parts] ALG Defense AK Trigger Enhanced with Lightning Bow (AKT-EL) $58+ship

[parts] ALG Defense AK Trigger Enhanced with Lightning Bow (AKT-EL) $58+ship


[parts] ALG Defense AK Trigger Enhanced with Lightning Bow (AKT-EL) $58+ship

22 reviews for [parts] ALG Defense AK Trigger Enhanced with Lightning Bow (AKT-EL) $58+ship

  1. Alara1992

    Lightning bow for ARs: Gotta buy a 2k~ rifle

    Lightning bow for AKs: JUS 57.99!

  2. opossomSnout

    Thanks, I finally broke down and ordered one.

  3. hack-a-shaq

    Thanks bendy bill for making me stock up on these

  4. Dogbeast

    Just curious, but what is a “Lightning Bow”? I tried googling, and all I got are some mythical and gaming related stuff.

  5. gstrand99

    This would work well in a sam7sf correct?

  6. ThorryThori

    What is… a lightning bow?

  7. litegreen666

    Now that’s a good price

  8. asdfghjklq

    Eh, In for two thanks!

  9. ThorryThori

    Dies this come with the spring?

  10. rapitrone

    I have one of these in my M70 and it is almost dangerously light.

  11. poopy_buttholer

    In for one. Gotta upgrade the m70 one piece at a time. Thanks OP

  12. Deathdealerah

    Same price they have been [at PSA](https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-alg-akt-el-ak-single-stage-trigger-05-326.html) in stock for the past forever… did you guys waiting on a restock even try google??

    That being said wherever you get one from, get it now if you need one. That new $115 MSRP looming like a mofo.

  13. mchammond007

    Will this work in the Zastava M70 rifle and ZPAP92 pistol? How difficult is the install?

  14. toastmaster412

    Finally, a good fucking deal. In for one, luv you OP!

  15. Jstentson


    Backorder the ul at 6 over today’s price before it goes upto 140

  16. Jstentson

    15 left

  17. gumby36psi

    Goat ak trigger

  18. Jstentson

    Already shipped!

  19. xtremejuuuuch

    Boom in for 1, thanks OP

  20. SybianMobileDisco

    Hey Wiggly William, how about another batch for us Galil ACE owners?

  21. FlyontheWall30

    It’s interesting all the venders that got the ALG in today had them posted at a discount under the normal $65. But everyone is expecting the price to jump to $115 cuz that’s the new listing on ALG site. You think it will be a new upgraded version? Or same old thing just more expensive?

  22. OddDrawer5

    damn way too late for this one, OOS

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