[Parts] ALG AKT-EL $72.95 shipped

[Parts] ALG AKT-EL $72.95 shipped


[Parts] ALG AKT-EL $72.95 shipped

7 reviews for [Parts] ALG AKT-EL $72.95 shipped

  1. BlackLeader70

  2. rudejunkie

    Will this fit Yugo m70?

  3. Tw3aks87

    How necessary are these on say a Arsenal or a Norinco?


    Weighing between this and the ultimate. Is it worth it to keep waiting for those to get back in stock or should I just send it on these?

  5. Tangodown549

    This or the CMC trigger? I’ve heard that that the alt triggers can have problems over time.

  6. MesaEngineering

    Is this the one everyone likes because it’s the fastest trigger you can get not counting binaries?

  7. TristanIsSpiffy

    This on a duty AK?

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