[parts] AimSurplus Glock 43 Slide Completion Kit – $50 + s/t

[parts] AimSurplus Glock 43 Slide Completion Kit – $50 + s/t


[parts] AimSurplus Glock 43 Slide Completion Kit – $50 + s/t

5 reviews for [parts] AimSurplus Glock 43 Slide Completion Kit – $50 + s/t

  1. XtremeDoggo

    Any good locations for an oem or equivalent quality gen 3 G17 upper parts kit?

  2. Chez92

    I picked up this kit recently. Everything worth great except the backplate. Its tight!

  3. ultramarioihaz

    I know these have been hard to find. 43 parts in general are hard to find. No idea on quality but I would trust them based on my experience with their other pistol parts.

  4. MuchoBALLS

    Only issues I’ve had with them is the recoil spring. I’d say buy this and replace with oem as it comes in stock.

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