[PARTS] AeroPrecision Freedom Collection $115-$400

[PARTS] AeroPrecision Freedom Collection $115-$400


[PARTS] AeroPrecision Freedom Collection $115-$400

6 reviews for [PARTS] AeroPrecision Freedom Collection $115-$400

  1. JunkYardDog31

    Can’t wait to see these lowers on GB tomorrow for 3x MSRP before they even ship

  2. Beastmon142

    Not sure if you can stack it but here’s a 10% off code for anyone who wants it


  3. maga2022

    [M4E1 Freedom Complete Lower](https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m4e1-freedom-complete-lower-receiver-w-moe-grip-geissele-s3g-anodized-black) – $349.99

    However, [M4E1 Freedom Stripped Lower](https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/catalog/product/view/id/2896/s/m4e1-stripped-lower-freedom-anodized/category/18/) – $134.99

    [PSA Lower Build Kit](https://palmettostatearmory.com/palmetto-state-armory-magpul-moe-lower-build-kit-black-598.html) – $114.99

    = **$248.99** – (Free shipping for both) – Soooo you get an extra Magpul MOE Stock (value ~$30), and Aero charges $100 more for their LPK, with no stock.

  4. dopo

    hmm, I didn’t realize that “freedom” was about paying extra for a small laser engraved US flag in a spot that your folded down rear BUIS are going to partially cover

  5. derfdog

    Lol uppers and receiver sets already OOS

  6. Dr_Otacon

    Damn I really wanted one of those lowers a few months ago but now I’m all set on lowers

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