[parts] Aero Precision ar15 stripped upper receiver (blem) $35 + S/H

[parts] Aero Precision ar15 stripped upper receiver (blem) $35 + S/H


[parts] Aero Precision ar15 stripped upper receiver (blem) $35 + S/H

16 reviews for [parts] Aero Precision ar15 stripped upper receiver (blem) $35 + S/H

  1. true2ku

    Safe to say, 100% BIN price

  2. Never_fucking_curses


    You guys are animals.

  3. Infamous_Translator

    This is a great price, I thought about ordering a few to have on the bench but I don’t have a need and didn’t want to be an asshole hoarder. Gonna save it for the guys in need.

  4. PaperOrPlastek

    You fucking monsters….

  5. StudentofRK

    Finally some reasonably priced Aero uppers.

  6. thescofflawl

    great price. I BIN now at this price at Combat Armory LOL.

  7. gebsmith

    Damn, one minute too slow 🙁

  8. Questionable_MD

    <1hr, animals.

  9. pasghetticode

    Jeeze, and here I thought I got a good deal with the $50 blems direct from Aero. In for more. Now what am I going to do with a half dozen of uppers?

  10. rybe390

    Bot oos

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  12. cdillon42

    Must be part of a Christmas sale… only my theory because December sale is gone from the sidebar

  13. Mammoth-Elk-2191

    I’m in for 1.

  14. Curious_Joke


  15. AlmostHonestAbe


  16. dirtyboots702

    Now do M4E1

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