[Parts] Aero Precision AR15 FDE Freedom Lower $75

[Parts] Aero Precision AR15 FDE Freedom Lower $75


[Parts] Aero Precision AR15 FDE Freedom Lower $75

15 reviews for [Parts] Aero Precision AR15 FDE Freedom Lower $75

  1. JamesYoung582

    Flag lowers that are tastefully done. Nicely done Aero

  2. RodgerTibbs

    I’m surprised these have hung around this long.

  3. GGuvroh

    Dang it guys

  4. governman

    Please buy these before I do.

  5. 2ndDefender

    Annnndddd it’s gone

  6. SPstandsFor

    In for 1. Gotta help a brother out keeping his wallet shut.

  7. _HereForTheBeer

    Bought 1 still in stock. I tried

  8. jhmay613

    Do they make these in a M4E1 variant?

  9. derfdog

    Oof. I’m glad I missed this or I’d have another build to figure out lol

  10. gatsby_101

    All gone now. Boo

  11. Awper8durrr

    Damn, missed it by two hours 🙁

  12. governman

    Bot OOS

  13. Speed_Unlucky

    Picked up an M4E1 freedom lower from ArmorAlly the other day. I’ve been wanting one of these since last year. Now I need one in FDE.

    Eventually I’ll finish these builds lol

  14. tommyle05

    These need to stop being so available, I have 2 M4E1s, 2 Thunder Ranches, and now 2 of these flaggers and no plans for them yet lol. I think I have a problem.

  15. [deleted]


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