[Parts] Aero Precision 8″ 300 Blackout Builders Kit – $375

[Parts] Aero Precision 8″ 300 Blackout Builders Kit – $375


[Parts] Aero Precision 8″ 300 Blackout Builders Kit – $375

18 reviews for [Parts] Aero Precision 8″ 300 Blackout Builders Kit – $375

  1. reshp2

    Man I’ve been looking at getting into 300blk but the ammo prices just never seem to come down. Really hard to justify when I have 7.62×39 guns.

  2. Meyer1999

    Am I crazy or is this a really good deal?

  3. tristanpt

    I’m confused. This is a blem upper but if we ask for a non-blem then a non-blem will be shipped? Y’all sound too nice. 😂

  4. diamond928

    Chris slingin more deals. Never had an issue ordering from him. My go to site, when I need something quick

  5. hydra747

    Jesus Chris, you’re making me want to build another AR.

  6. Guntuckytactical

    This is the exact setup I used for my first 300bo build, except I think I paid about a hundo more. Used an Aero lower with BCM guts and SBA3. It was great, ran flawlessly.

  7. [deleted]


  8. theinternt

    I’m trying so hard not to order this. I wasn’t planning on starting another build so soon but this just seems like such a good deal!

  9. impreza_GC8

    Chris…. How about no muzzle device and do the 9” rail instead , for that sweet tucked suppressor look? I don’t really care about a charging handle either.

  10. LacidOnex

    AP basic gas block is non adjustable for a 300 correct? Probably the only thing I don’t like in this kit, good deal

  11. JoeBaggz

    If you intend to run subs through this barrel (which I would think many people in the market for .300blk would), you may very likely run into feed issues due to this barrel utilizing M4 feed ramps. Some of the heavier bullets utilize a flat nose and will catch on the feed ramps, causing a failure to feed.

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  13. Ted_From_Accounting

    Hey Chris, thanks for offering this deal, Any deals on Aero LPK minus FCG with grip kits so we can stock up?

  14. cdillon42

    Chris any chance you can get a centurion arms m4 midlength rail?

  15. TopGunKyle

    Great deal

  16. Flop2theTall

    Any chance of a 10x magazine sale for the 300BLK PMAG? No big deal if not, I’m going to pick this great deal up either way.

  17. Psychological-Drive4

    Is that the modern barrel profile?

  18. Polyarmourous

    Tempting but I have all the .300 blackout I could ever need. Can you send me a Barrett 50 cal for this same price?

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