[PARTS] Aero blem fde stripped upper $62

[PARTS] Aero blem fde stripped upper $62


[PARTS] Aero blem fde stripped upper $62

5 reviews for [PARTS] Aero blem fde stripped upper $62

  1. Gatecrasher

    I got excited because I though the photo was a slickside.

    Then was depressed because it was a standard.

    Nature is healing, but it’s still scarred.

  2. RestInPeacePip

    Is the difference between this and the m4e1 upper just smooth / sharp edges on the exterior?

  3. Infamous_Translator

    I need a fde lower

    Those go so damn quick when available

    Edit: not saying they were available this go around

  4. Smacked_Juicebox

    Whoever checked out as I was looking for stuff to add to get free shipping, my wallet thanks you.

    I really don’t need an fde upper and my wallet is hurting. I have two uppers that are unused which will go towards future projects, slick and normal, but they’re in black. FDE is just sexier though

  5. cdillon42

    bot oos

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