[Parts] Adams Arms Conversion Kits $50 off Sale – $169 +

[Parts] Adams Arms Conversion Kits $50 off Sale – $169 +


[Parts] Adams Arms Conversion Kits $50 off Sale – $169 +

8 reviews for [Parts] Adams Arms Conversion Kits $50 off Sale – $169 +

  1. Mc_squawk_box

    These worth it?

  2. performancereviews

    For any one interested buying these.

    The solution allows you to properly gas your rifle compared to a lot of them that are over gassed.

    The system’s extremely reliable even on pistol length setups.

    Magpul hand guards will clear these many will not.

    Surefire weapons light hand guards can be modified to make these work.

    Hope that helps anybody who’s interested.

  3. Shady14

    Am I correctly understanding that you need a standard barrel nut for this to work correctly? It looks like the piston rod bushing that holds the spring needs to be butted up against the teeth of the barrel nut.

  4. rudymax

    Been waiting on this deal for a loooooong time

  5. LotionOfMotion

    I have an HBAR 5.45 upper and I’m confident that this would not clear the barrel profile.


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  7. Music_City_Madman

    Will these BCGs work with the Wolf A1 T91 upper? Mixed opinions on internet. Anyone have any personal experience?

  8. [deleted]


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