[Parts] ACE Skeleton Stock Rifle Length ARFX – Old Version $59 w/ $4 shipping

[Parts] ACE Skeleton Stock Rifle Length ARFX – Old Version $59 w/ $4 shipping


[Parts] ACE Skeleton Stock Rifle Length ARFX – Old Version $59 w/ $4 shipping

13 reviews for [Parts] ACE Skeleton Stock Rifle Length ARFX – Old Version $59 w/ $4 shipping

  1. 762mmFMJLobotomy

    5% mobility buff and sprint to fire time reduction.

  2. Mighty-Bagel-Calves

    This one doesn’t include a buffer tube. Looks like you need an A2 buffer tube to mount this.

  3. cs1337

    Dumb question but should work on an ar10 right?

  4. MyHoovesClack

    I have this stock on one of my rifles and absolutely love it. This seems like a great price.

  5. uscmarine

    How much weight savings do you get with the complete package compared to MFT stock?

  6. tallaurelius

    Just bought this for $110 shipped but it included the buffer and tube. Kinda annoyed I didn’t see this

  7. 357Magnum

    I’ve kinda looked at this stock for years. I have an AR that currently just has a regular A2 buttstock on it, so I already have the right buffer tube for this on the gun.

    My question is, what does this do that the A2 stock doesn’t do? The A2 stock is already pretty light. Is this noticeably lighter?

  8. XMRbull

    What’s the diff between the new/old versions?

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  10. Phrozen_Flame

    paid like $80 for mine because it was the only one in stock. I like it on my build

  11. alkemmist

    Anybody tried this on an AK with a folding buffer adapter?

  12. adacendw

    Let me take a nap… great animation, anyway.

  13. roostersnuffed

    Even dumber question than the AR10 question…

    What are the odds of replacing the recoil pad for a tailhook? “Upside down” obvs.

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