[Parts] Ace/DoubleStar ARFX Skeleton stock for AR-15 (FDE foam) – $51.99 + tax w/ free shipping

[Parts] Ace/DoubleStar ARFX Skeleton stock for AR-15 (FDE foam) – $51.99 + tax w/ free shipping


[Parts] Ace/DoubleStar ARFX Skeleton stock for AR-15 (FDE foam) – $51.99 + tax w/ free shipping

20 reviews for [Parts] Ace/DoubleStar ARFX Skeleton stock for AR-15 (FDE foam) – $51.99 + tax w/ free shipping

  1. asianmaddmess

    8AM and this is already giving me a weird boner

  2. LinechargeII

    These use the A2 buffer tube so you’ll need one of those to actually use this stock (plus buffer and spring). You put the foam on the tube for comfort. Also looks like it’s non-QD swivel. This is the A2 rifle length stock. They make an “entry” length version if you want something shorter.

  3. Imadethis4things

    A compressed air source makes it super easy to put that foam sleeve on the buffer tube.

  4. mattomin1

    If you just must have the black foam…[Black Foam](https://doublestarusa.com/rft-arfx-arul-replacement-foam-overtube-black-af01)

  5. Sure-Crazy3212

    In for 1 cause why not 🤷🏽

  6. iceman895

    Coupon code 3DAY is also supposed to give you 9% off orders of $50 or more.

  7. [deleted]


  8. brixalpha

    I just ordered a black one a couple of months ago, in for another one for a rainy day build. If anyone is looking for the tube buffer and spring. Aero Precision has the kit on sale from time to time.

  9. e_cubed99

    I have this in black. They do sell a QD cup that screws into the same threads as the fixed sling swivel. The inset one is nicer, bit you can retrofit this one.

  10. Jsatx2

    Bought. I have run this on my competition 3gun AR for damn near a decade and it’s as simple and as strong as any.

  11. roostersnuffed

    That seems tempting. I dont have anything to legally put it on, but it seems like a reason to build another lower.

  12. tycoge

    Anyone know if there’s a way to make any of their products work on an a5 tube?

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  14. passing-aggressive

    I saw a pic on the fourth channel of an AR10 with this stock, a PRI Delta handguard with the rails removed, and one of those gas blocks with the folding front sight. It looked pretty cool.

  15. Handsome-And-Handy

    I ordered one of these before and got the version without QD swivels. This is apparently the older version and they’ve been trying to phase them out for some time. I was told this is the only version they have so I’m not sure why they show both in the pictures. Just be aware.

  16. cabanabannana

    These are super cool, thought about getting one for a retro-ish AR for a while but I think for the particular gun in mind I’d be happier with the Ultra Light. Still, good price for this one if you think you’d like it.

  17. RackNClack

    I have one I got on the same deal a few months back & love it, just ordered another!

  18. sgrantcarr

    If this was an entry version, I’d be all over it. Can’t find one for a reasonable price

  19. thistledew_13

    So could this work with a law tactical adapter? Just seemed like a cool build in my head.

  20. captheavy

    I’ve got one on my AR10, love it.

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