[parts] A3 Tactical Stribog Lower Receiver (use AR Trigger and Scorpion mags) – $199 In stock

[parts] A3 Tactical Stribog Lower Receiver (use AR Trigger and Scorpion mags) – $199 In stock


[parts] A3 Tactical Stribog Lower Receiver (use AR Trigger and Scorpion mags) – $199 In stock

15 reviews for [parts] A3 Tactical Stribog Lower Receiver (use AR Trigger and Scorpion mags) – $199 In stock

  1. Kags1969

    I ordered a couple of these yesterday thinking I was preordering and got a shipping confirmation. Looked today and sure enough they changed the verbadge on the website. This uses AR Triggers and grips (they suggest drop in trigger group), and scorpion compatible mags. Youtube reviews seem to point to this being superior to the Lingle lower. Not serialized on the Stribog, ships to your house.

  2. Tango-Actual90

    Do these help fix the issues with the Stribog A3?

  3. shotcaller88

    Received mine yesterday. Installed a PSA flat trigger. I chose it because it kind of reminds me of the straight Stribog trigger. The pins were a little tight, but the rest of the install was a breeze.

  4. garandmaster

    nice find, thanks

  5. BellaChowBellaChow

    Any confirmation on discussions about a lack of credit card security with Rainier’s payment processor?

  6. MaxxOrdinate

    I now have both the A3 (Scorpion) and the Lingle (Uzi) lowers. The Lingle runs well and I’ve put about 300-400 rds through it without issue. I have an A2 with a 1/2″ spacer mod.

    The A3 installed easy and fit well. I haven’t range checked it yet, but bolt lock back on an empty magpul mag works without modification.

    I’d run either companies lowers, personally, although I don’t have experience with the Lingle Scorpion lower.

  7. brbaca

    Have one of these and it works well. Put in a Elftman trigger with the screws. Think the Stribog killed the KE Arms trigger I originally used.

  8. gqreader

    A Lingle lower might have malfunctions when used with a binary trigger

  9. BobbyWasabiMk2

    Does this use other AR parts like selector and grip?

  10. Kags1969


    No affiliation, just saw this when trying to decide between this and the Lingle.

  11. LogicalScore2880

    This seems like a good thing if you already own a Stribog A3 with the roller delay, but PSA has an AR-V builder kit that uses primarily AR parts: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-v-conversion-kit.html

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  13. Kpkimmel

    I thought the new curved mags fixed reliability issues

  14. RagnarShootShoot

    Mine arrived the other day from pre-order. Have not fired yet but the fit and finish are great. Glass fiber reinforcement is visible in the plastic especially around the takedown pins so I don’t see there being any issues with durability. Also wasn’t initially a fan of the mag release, but assembled it is actually pretty nice having the little extended parts so I can reload without compromising my right hand grip.

  15. Dmands

    This going to sound stupid but I want this, all aluminum, with standard stribog mags…. I have so many now and they make curved ones… maybe tactical Santa will deliver

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