[Parts] 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, No Logo – Nickel Boron – $184.99

[Parts] 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, No Logo – Nickel Boron – $184.99


[Parts] 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, No Logo – Nickel Boron – $184.99

12 reviews for [Parts] 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group, No Logo – Nickel Boron – $184.99

  1. Alara1992

    DA FAQ? Aero are you drunk?

  2. timski9000


  3. cz97

    Aero raised their prices?

  4. Curious_One88

    I remember when these were $99.99 on PSA’s website. I feel like a fuckin’ idiot for not snagging 2-3 of these at that price.

    Been waiting for ages to pick one up since the start of the great reset, but at this price I’m gonna hold. Thanks for the post OP.

  5. NoGods–NoMasters

    Just saw one on GB, buy it now, for 370$ 😂

  6. Smacked_Juicebox

    They seem to have raised most of their prices ~20-30%.

    I feel so conflicted as an aero fanboy. I normally recommend aero as being your best bang for your buck for most of the products they make, and they’re still good, but making the phosphate bcg 145, the nitride 150, and the nickel boron 185 pushes it into a territory where I think that the best option for that money is doing something like buying an RCA carrier and buying a DD, JP, or whoever bolt because that would come out to a similar price but be of higher quality. Even with 10% off it’s still pretty pricey.

    I have long praised aero for not raising their prices as much as they could if they wanted to in order to account for increased demand, but this move might have actually been their evaluation of the market affecting pricing and done what I had praised them for not doing. I know raw material costs have risen but I don’t see everyone else raising their prices as much. Maybe aero is ahead of the curve and other companies will follow suit, but it sure feels like with the release of the m4e1 slick upper that it was part of revamping their marketing/sales and part of that was raising prices.

  7. darthn3ss

    You can get a sharps ‘xtreme performance’ DLC BCG for the same price.

  8. cford1080

    If anyone has a discount code, I guess I’ll buy it 😣

  9. OddSubstance3

    I got one of these for my 11.5 for $150 on sale. Thought it was alot at the time.

  10. -leadStandard-

    When I saw the BCG and price I thought it was post for Cryptic Coating. Boy was I wrong…

  11. gonnafindanlbz

    That price for the worst coating on the market? Ouch

  12. glytchgod

    bot oos

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