[Parts] 20″ retro barrels $165 JSE Surplus

[Parts] 20″ retro barrels $165 JSE Surplus


[Parts] 20″ retro barrels $165 JSE Surplus

8 reviews for [Parts] 20″ retro barrels $165 JSE Surplus

  1. 86gwrhino

    for anyone debating this: i bought one of their complete uppers a while back with one of these barrels installed. worked great and was made by luth.

    so fuck that brownells deal the other moron posted a couple days ago and get this.

  2. island_trevor

    Finally, it’s been horrific finding A1 parts. Still hard to find receivers but one less part of the puzzle I guess

  3. GanderpTheGrey

    Is this chrome lined? They leave the barrel lining field blank on their site…

  4. namesjeff24

    Oh man if I have an M16 A1 parts kit is this front sight post and delta ring what I want? I don’t care about the twist rate I want a shooter and don’t care about that level of accuracy.

  5. lyonslicer

    Just a warning to anyone buying these: mine came with a badly canted front sight block. So bad that I’m talking to ADCO about if they can fix it.

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  7. NYG_5

    Also this price is cheaper and comes with more than the Del-Ton lightweight

  8. kaptain-spaulding

    1:9 that’s all I need to see

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