[Parts] 20″ Faxon .223/5.56 gunner barrel $240

[Parts] 20″ Faxon .223/5.56 gunner barrel $240


[Parts] 20″ Faxon .223/5.56 gunner barrel $240

6 reviews for [Parts] 20″ Faxon .223/5.56 gunner barrel $240

  1. IAMheretosell321

    Vibe check those wish.com plates, kings

  2. [deleted]


  3. Makky-Kat

    I think I’m becoming a boomer, because back in my day these would go for like $150-160 on sale.

  4. TheRealSchifty

    These include a pinned Faxon gas block which usually run around $30 by themselves.

    So if you factor out the cost of the gas block and the cost to pin it you’re looking at around $200 for just the barrel. All in all it’s a good deal.

    Of course this means nothing if you plan on using a different gas block.

  5. drgreenthumb12372

    i feel like id i’m getting a 20” barrel i’m going stainless steel and getting a hbar in .223 wylde.

  6. juanpuente


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